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Clapper admits NSA should have been ‘transparent from the outset’ on surveillance

from RT:

The Director of National Intelligence has admitted that, in hindsight, the US intelligence community would have been smarter to disclose some details about how telephone records belonging to millions of Americans have been collected for years.

Perhaps more than any other Obama administration official, James Clapper has been the target of the most criticism, sarcasm, and outright fury since Edward Snowden leaked a trove of classified National Security Agency documents. He has staunchly defended the government’s interpretation of section 215 of the Patriot Act, under which it argues that secret collection of phone data is legal.

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2 comments to Clapper admits NSA should have been ‘transparent from the outset’ on surveillance

  • Ed_B

    The government’s interpretation of the Patriot Act is insignificant compared to the righteous indignation of the American people and we are rightly pi$$ed off about all this!

    Mr. Clapper is VERY fortunate not to be in prison for lying to congress, which IS a federal offense. You can be sure that most Americans in that legal position would not have been treated nearly so gently.

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