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China Declares War – China’s Stealth Ploy to Sabotage the Dollar

by Brittany Stepniak, Outsider Club:

If the Federal Reserve doesn’t single-handedly murder the U.S. dollar, China will. And it’s going to do it with the dollar’s antithesis…

It’s going to do it with gold.

In case you haven’t noticed, gold prices are soaring in lieu of bearish bank reports, jumping over some key resistance levels including “the psychologically important $1300 an ounce level.”

Meanwhile, China quietly took the globe’s #1 spot as top gold consumer this week. Moreover, the stockpile of gold presently in China is still less than half of that in India (previously the world’s biggest gold consumer)… so there’s plenty more room for serious growth in the months to follow.

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2 comments to China Declares War – China’s Stealth Ploy to Sabotage the Dollar

  • Rodster

    If anyone thinks the Chinese will be better stewards of a world reserve currency even if it’s backed by gold, I have 7 bridges to sell you. These guys are even bigger crooks than The Fed. They dumped 5x the amount of cheap money ($20-25 Trillion) into their financial system and are now dealing with ghost cities, shadow bank defaults, polluted land.

    Good job, China. So the US destroyed their reserve currency in roughly 40 years. I guess it’ll take you 15 years to achieve the same result.

  • Rancher

    The USA NEEDS to ethjer give up or have it’s reserve currency powers nullified forever. There should never again be any reserve currency for this world. Each nation must stand alone on the value of the currency they elect to use to represent their worth.

    The USA would quickly be seen for what we are … a hot air blow hard and our dollar would finally be adjusted to what it is truly worth. We are no more special than any other human beings and we must play on a level field to have any self worth.

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