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Can America be Saved as a Christian Nation?

by Bobby Lane, Northwest Liberty News:

If God can save any person from sin, He can save America as a Christian Nation. The Bible is not that clear that America will be saved as a free nation among the nations of the world. God can save and preserve any group or body of people that will put their total faith and trust in Jesus as the Christ-Messiah of God. But why do Christians believe God will save (preserve) America as a Christian Nation, when the Earl Warren Supreme Court in 1962 declared America was not a Christian Nation and the Church hardly raised her voice. In 1962-63 the Supreme Court banned school prayer and stop-ped Bible reading in public Schools and the Church hardly raised her voice.

In 1964 the Supreme Court defended pornography as a “free speech”, and the Church hardly raised her voice. In 1973 the Supreme Court established a constitutional right to abortion babies and the Church hardly raised her voice. And since that time many of us have tried many different ways to reverse the abortion decision of 1973 that has made it possible for 55 million plus babies to be aborted, and many marches have been made in our streets in an effort to stop abortion. However, very, very few Church members from the major denominations have participated in the marches.

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2 comments to Can America be Saved as a Christian Nation?

  • Ldh

    The only nation God had a covenant with was Israel. The new covenant is between individuals and Jesus not nations. We would love for our nation to be saved one person at a time but the vast majority reject His invitation. It’s tempting to seek Jesus for His blessing and gifts rather than adoring and following Him for who He is. We don’t seek Him for a better world now, we seek Him for who He is.

  • dave

    after what went on at the grammys, basicly this nation flew the bird in the almightys face, and we talk about saving this trainwreck, and it keeps going on and on, from the quote icons/leadership of the country,

    if judgement does not fall on this country persay, Sodom and Gomorrah will be owed an apology pretty soon

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