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Bush Era Diplomat Says Ukraine Situation a Threat to U.S. National Security

Outspoken neocon says activists shooting cops are “friends of liberty”

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Former United Nations ambassador, neocon stalwart, and vociferous cheerleader for the aggressive concept of American exceptionalism, John Bolton, took to Fox News last night to bash Obama and call for a U.S. response to the violence in Ukraine. “We can see this all over the world,” Bolton told Greta Van Susteren. “American influence is slipping, slipping away in Ukraine, Venezuela, the Middle East and we will pay the price for this for a long time unless people speak up.”

Bolton failed to explain how civil strife in Ukraine and Venezuela adversely affects the national security of the United States. He insisted it is the responsibility of the U.S. to respond when selectively chosen “friends of the United States, in effect, friends of liberty” find themselves on the barricades.

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5 comments to Bush Era Diplomat Says Ukraine Situation a Threat to U.S. National Security

  • So a sellout traitor goes on a media brainwashing show to spew this crap.

    I thought Iran was a threat. I thought Afghanistan was a threat. I thought Libya was a threat. I thought Egypt was a threat. I thought Sudan was a threat. I thought Yemen was threat. I thought Syria was a threat. Now…… Ukraine is a threat.

    Damn, we’re threatened by a LOT of folks. I does seem quite odd that we seem to have f__ked with ALL these counties. Is this a pattern????

    Shit…. Bolton and Greta “say” it must be so. I must believe. I must believe. I must believe.


    I got a little “testy” with an anonymous poster in the comments section. No response yet. “I” at least thought it was funny. Of course, I just got out of the straight jacket yesterday.

    The article was good though.

  • Hoser

    Bull-Shit Bolton opens his Pie Hole once again. Fuck You Bolton. Grab a gun and go fix it yourself! Those Protestors are funded by the US and the EU. Dollars/Euros funded protestors… Do you think for one NY Minute that Putin will allow a NATO base next to Russia? The dumbest American, and there are plenty, knows how to answer that question.

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