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Bundesbank Changes Gold Repatriation Schedule

“Only labour can create wealth – gold is condensed labour”

from In Gold We Trust:

One of the initiators of the German public campaign “Repatriate our Gold” is Peter Boehringer of “German Precious Metal Society” (est 2006). After lengthy efforts together with partner the “European Taxpayers Association”, the team finally, in January 2013, brought about Bundesbank´s decision to repatriate 300 tons of gold from the US and 374 tons from France  by end-2020. Because asking your gold back from the US being quite sensitive, the repatriation would be spread over an eight year period. This was the original allocation schedule for the German official gold holdings, 3390.6 tons, set up in January 2013:

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5 comments to Bundesbank Changes Gold Repatriation Schedule

  • Robin

    Hate to say it, really. Hate to seem so cynical of our benevolent Federal Government and the wonderfully wise men comprising the Federal Reserve, but I don’t believe Germany will get its gold back. The strong possibility that Germany will not get its gold, and the likelihood that our national treasure allegedly in Fort Knox is gone, is going to be particularly tragic in coming years if, as many suspect, gold will be required to purchase oil from foreign sources. It will be either gold, or some form of trade surplus that oil sellers want or require. And the United States, now gutted of manufacturing ability, will have little to offer other than food. Trouble is, and a perfect Catch-22 if ever seen, is that oil will be required to produce the very food that we would hope to exchange for oil. But this is just a foolish opinion on my part; when the world’s people finally have a chance to release their ankles and turn to look at the face of their thrusting benefactors, I’m sure we’ll all feel relieved to know we’re in the hands of profoundly good and wise leaders.

  • Ed_B

    “Because asking your gold back from the US being quite sensitive…”

    Really? Why? How is this ANY different from an individual going to their bank and asking for something that is in their safety deposit box? The bank does not own these items, they are merely holding them in a secure place for the owner and charging a service fee for it. How can this possibly be “sensitive”? Unless, of course, the items have been removed from the secure storage area and are no longer available. That would make the bank personnel who did this THIEVES but it would hardly be insensitive. What, are we gonna hurt their feelings by calling them the thieves that they are? Better they should worry about how PO’d WE are!

  • Z

    The FED’s most outspoken critic… Louis T. McFadden Ron Paul was a wimp compared to Mr. Mc.

  • Robin

    There’s been much speculation about why gold from western coffers continues to flow to eastern coffers in such prodigious amounts, the latest being a secret agreement with China to provide cheap gold in exchange for compliance with the ongoing scheme to maintain King Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. But why would western leaders wish to continue playing a losing hand, when they KNOW it’s a losing hand, and that dollar hegemony must and will end. To allow them to continue plundering the people of the world? Yes, no doubt. Perhaps, if the hoards of gold belonging to various world sovereigns (the gold of the Bretton Woods’ participants as entrusted to the United States and its Central Bank) come to be revealed as having vanished, the scandal, the fallout, the repercussions will be so biblical and frightening in scope (and the malfeasance of the trusted custodians seen to be so great), that they stand UTTERLY TERRIFIED OF THEIR CRIME BEING EXPOSED. The losing game therefore goes on, however much western wealth the US and Fed continues to squander, because those currently in control MUST continue to hide their monumental crimes.

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