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Billionaire Sprott – Expect A Terrifying Shock To The System

from KingWorldNews:

The big threat to the financial world is the realization that all of these actions by central banks have created nothing.

Even when I look back to the US and how we came out of 2008 — we’ve got an extra 20 million people on food stamps. There are no real signs of real growth here. I just think that people will figure out that we have all been boondoggled on this thing, to believe that something positive is happening, when in fact very, very negative things have been happening.

Sprott continues @

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1 comment to Billionaire Sprott – Expect A Terrifying Shock To The System

  • mac

    Who in the world would want to be known as a Billionaire? Answer:no one. It just doesn’t work that way….So, why this KNW hype – man, the guy must have lost some of his his underwear the last 2 years…

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