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Art Cashin – This Is The Great Danger Facing The World Today

from KingWorldNews:

“They thought they were going to solve a desperate problem by desperate measures. I don’t believe it’s having the effect they wanted, and it’s building up a very, very dangerous situation.”

Eric King: “It is historic watching the central banks involved in this inflation/deflation war, as they pump all of this money, but we seem to just be running in circles and not getting anywhere.”

Cashin: “We certainly are running in circles and that’s why I say I think they are in a quandary. Think of something that’s certainly unheard of in the last 50 years and that is the central bank saying they want inflation to get above 2%. Telling the public that they want to depreciate the buying power of the currency that you are paid your wages in, and there is no political uproar about it. It is absolutely stunning.

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2 comments to Art Cashin – This Is The Great Danger Facing The World Today

  • dan

    athe majority of Americans do NOT know anything about their $$$$….Clueless and not even interested in how it works or what it even is…like all USD are Debt instruments……..So when they are told something as off the wall as inflation it goes way over their collect heads…….and their understanding of the foundations of this country are even less known to them…..hence the same greedy liars are re elected to office yet again and again to fleece the same populace that keeps putting politicians back in the drivers seat…..this country will not survive this present administration…7 Trillion in 5 years and now unlimited spending will be in our face for three more years and we will NEVER pay off our debt…..I think we ‘the people’ need to study ICELAND and do the same here..NOW….imho

  • Z

    The main problem is that the revenue taken in by the Federal Government barely covers the interest payments on the current debt. They may be at the point where they even have to borrow the interest payments but I’m not sure of that.

    Consequently they have no actual day-to-day operating expenses so they must borrow every penny (at interest) needed to keep the government operational. Congress could simply exercise the constitutional right for the USG to issue debt free money and it would solve a lot of their problems but a couple of Presidents named Lincoln and Kennedy tried that already… It did not work out too well for them. America and Americans are hopelessly enslaved to debt… by design.

    “The one aim of international financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts.” Henry Ford

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