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An American Military Coup & Dead Banksters — Dave Hodges

Dave Hodges from The Common Sense joins me to discuss the very real possibility of a US military coup, and the signs which Dave says point to it, Dave reminds us that Dr. Jim Garrow told Dave on his show that “a coup is in process.”

We also discuss EU plans to confiscate the savings accounts of its citizens, and Obama’s MyRA which is the US government’s attempt to seize OUR savings, and we discus the lengthening list of dead Banksters about which Dave says; “This is a criminal mafia organization that’s trying to run the planet and key witnesses who might speak out are disappearing… I believe this is evidence tampering through murder.”

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49 comments to An American Military Coup & Dead Banksters — Dave Hodges

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The shmucks at DHS and elsewhere are preparing to fight a war with the weapons of the last war. The war has already begun. The war is being fought with information, of truth versus lies, of logic versus nonsense and they are losing, losing, losing.

  • Great interview, haven’t herd of the possible military coup before. I’ll have to do more research on it. I’ve been trying to warn my, mostly conservative, family members about the upcoming financial situation. They think I’m crazy and won’t even watch the financial analysis videos I’ve sent them.

    Is it possible for the world to file Chapter 7 as a whole and let the “International Banksters” eat the mess they’ve created? Let the “too big to fail”, FAIL. The world would be better without them. Just a though.

    Speaking of the criminal nature of those in power, I guess everyone has seen the interesting interview with Kay Griggs. Although she interjects a lot of her religious beliefs and seems a little obsessed with her perceived homosexual nature of the government(Intelligents), her knowledge of people, times and places, at least to me, gives her some credibility. She speaks of Joint criminal activity.

    Kay Griggs: Colonel’s Wife Tell-All Interview 1 of 4

    I wanted to pass on some research on WWII history revisionism. Maybe
    history didn’t quite go down as we’ve been told. Interesting videos worth
    watching and you decide. I don’t think I or they are denying the WWII
    concentration camps weren’t evil but not quite the Holocaust we were
    taught. I would say all War is a Holocaust. The truth is important or we’re
    bound to repeat it.

    Adolf Hitler – The untold TRUE story

    Jew Exposes Auschwitz Lies

    • Hannon

      “Is it possible for the world to file Chapter 7 as a whole and let the “International Banksters” eat the mess they’ve created?”

      Not only is it possible to write off the debt, it’s also possible to charge them with fraud. The Constitution is pretty clear about gold and silver being money.

  • Personal opinion only….. Dave Hodges does NOT do it for me.

    Obama calling the shots….. that’s a laugh and I highly doubt a military coup.

    He just seems to be WAY out there with some of this information. I could be very wrong with my thoughts, but I’ll stick with my “gut” feelings for now.

    • Hannon

      He should present a lot of his work as, this is my speculation, opinion or theory based on whatever. I keep hearing lots and lots of this Russian troops talk, but aside from limited numbers of them training on weapons systems as potential customers. I never see any evidence of Russians in large number, plus the contract already went through fed biz for the FEMA camp personal in 2012(I think), right now they are getting half pay to be on stand by. So we already know it’s merc groups that’ll be running any camps, because they are already on payroll.

      • Suzanne

        There has always been cross-training of troops… NATO and the like.
        I had heard that most of the foreign commanders had long since done some wargaming and analysis… came up with the conclusion that it wouldn’t be doable to attempt to go up against an armed American populace.

        • Ed_B

          Agreed. The Japanese reached that conclusion in the late 1930s. They didn’t even invade Hawaii, even though they could have EASILY done so. From a military point of view, they SHOULD have! That would have been a FAR more productive use of the men and materiel that they wasted on the Dutch Harbor feint. Bad for them but good for us.

      • Suzanne

        They have to have MONEY to pay mercs! Lots of money… and it has to be worth something.
        Given that most of the gold has left the US, and that which is still in vaults of the COMEX and ETFs is likely leased with multiple claims against it.

  • gerald

    It would take a complete idiot to believe a man killed himself with a nail gun. As a lifetime carpenter, I can tell you I have been shot with a nail gun more than once. It is so painful, there is NO WAY a person would shoot themselves twice let alone 7 or 8 times. Who would torture themselves like that? But then I reckon if people believe the Sandy Hook story, they will believe anything.

  • john

    Dave Hodges is full of shit.A couple of days ago he said that ex-military were bumping off these banksters,now it appears that they are being bumped off because they are witnesses,so which is it?

    • SGT

      john, in Dave’s defense, I don’t know what he said “a couple of days ago”. Due to some technical snafus on my end and a very busy life with a full time job, this interview was recorded nearly a week ago and finally uploaded today. What you heard him say “a couple days ago” may be even more current than this conversation. As far as “full of shit” goes… really? C’mon man.

    • Eric

      yea… “full of shit” isn’t much of a reasonable argument.

      • Ed_B

        No, it’s not… but then, there ARE times when it is readily apparent. I know the feeling well. I get it every time I talk with my kid brother.

        I like reading Dave Hodges writings but, as with ALL info, one must have a selective filter in place when reading it and the brain fully engaged. I read tons of stuff on the Internet. The best of it comes from SGT and Silver Doctors. Even so, no one should read anything and accept it at face value. A lot of it can be checked out and verified as to its truthfulness… and it should be checked out. Last thing any of us needs is a bunch of mind-numbed robots believing everything they read, see, or hear just because it appeared on a web site they like. There is no substitute for critical thinking!

    • STEVEN

      You’re right John,Dave Hodges is full of spit and is nothing but another Fear mongerer….typically making predictions that just do not happen…how many times are so called “truthers” going to cry wolf???

      • Tony

        seriously, this guy is doing nothing more than hopeful B.S. speculating. I am ex-military and still in contact with active military guys. There are no Russians training on our soil. Does anyone really think that if Russian brigades were here the active military would be quiet about it? Geesh, how about some common sense? of course Odumbass is firing high ranking officers, that is a fact and I wish that they would orchestrate a coup, but it is not happening now.

        I’m so tired of the B.S. spewed on the internet and reported as fact. Like the one that says if you go to the VA they ask you a bunch of questions about mental health and whether you own guns. Total bullshit.

        I’ll tell you this, regardless of what you read on the internet, martial law is not coming unless there is some major crisis. Odumbass doesn’t have the support to make it happen and may not even if there’s a major crisis.

        Don’t believe the garbage folks.

  • mangrove

    This was recorded nearly a week ago? Well, I guess that would explain the glaring contradiction that john pointed out, which I was about to comment on as well.

    Dave had a completely different perspective from about 3 days ago, February 20, in his Dead Banksters article. Here’s a direct quote — my commentary is in brackets:

    Much has been written about the dead bankers. Most of these authors have no idea what they are talking about. [That would have to include Dave himself as heard in this SGT interview recorded a week ago before he published this article.] The identified bankers who have been suicided are merely midlevel bankers. They are typically the Vice-President of the nothing department of JP Morgan. These “suicides” designed to look like murders are clear warning signs to the banking establishment which has been hijacked, not just the US, but all modern nations, that bad times are ahead. Jim Garrow said it on my show, the bankers are going to be targets by disaffected military and ex-intel officers. It looks like Garrow was completely correct.

    It has been revealed to myself and others that there are presently assassinations of bankers, who are decision makers in these criminal banking cartels, but the identities of these bankers is not being revealed as they are not the midlevel bankers that you are reading about. These banksters are the ones who are creators of the false flag events carried out by the alphabet soup agencies and now, disaffected former military and paramilitary forces are sending a clear message that enough is enough.

    These are the same bankers who are itching to bring about one final catastrophe in preparation to bring about martial law which will be enforced by “international peace-keeping forces” right here in the United States and these “Bastards from Basel” are quaking in their boots. They are being assassinated by former Seal teams, Army Rangers and disillusioned intelligence service operatives. You will soon be reading about this from journalists who have been given the details.

    My source would not reveal the names of the big-time bankers who are getting whacked except to say that many of them are from London.”


    • Mark S Mann

      Hey Friends,

      My $0.02 on this:

      I must admit that I am not a fan of Hodges. He may have solid contacts and a following the in the alternative media, but I don’t think he has ever offered any solid proof about any of the stories that he has recently broke, and the nuke of the SC coast story pretty much ended his credibility for me. He has said numerous times that he will be releasing he names of military people who were involved with foiling this “plot” several times, and nothing has come of that to date.

      It is completely ridiculous to state that “SEALS” and “Rangers” were used to suicide these bankers. They are NOT trained to carry out such deeds and the government has plenty of CIA types that do that kind of work. To blame active duty or former military with no explanation is nonsense.

      I do agree with Hodges 100% on one thing. A Military coup in the US would be a total and complete disaster which would probably lead to a civil war. Hodges is 100% when he says “history is on his side”. You can not argue that.

      Many people in this country have no problems pointing out the atrocities that the police are guilty of in the USA. However many of these same people have no problem wearing their yellow ribbons and “support the troops” bullshit and turn a blind eye toward the atrocities committed by their beloved man and women in uniform as long as those atrocities are committed against brown people in another country.

      Say what you want about how honorable the US military is, just remember that when we are talking about people committing “suicide” the US military has the highest suicide rate in American history. That’s a fact.

      The US military is no different than any other military in the world than we have a volunteers instead of mandatory service or conscripts. People in our military have no problems following immoral orders and I see no reason why things would be any different when they operate in Bagdad or Anytown, USA. If the military does get involved in a coup the biggest losers will be the American people, and lots of people on both sides are going to die.

      Lets hope we find another way.

      • Ed_B

        “People in our military have no problems following immoral orders…”

        I would agree with this if you insert the word “SOME” at the start. I grew up in a military family and know for a fact that MANY in the military absolutely will not obey an order they know to be illegal or unethical by their standards. Those standards may not be the same as anyone else’s but they are high. I have yet to see a valid argument for tarring everyone in a group with the same brush, in spite of their many differences, just because they are in that group.

      • mangrove

        Thanks Mark, I appreciate your 2 cents, especially your candor. I don’t follow Hodges, but his “revelations” remind me of Glenn Beck’s — over-dramatic and never coming to fruition anyway. The few times I have visited Hodges site, I’ve always left in a hopelessly depressed state of mind because of the level of doom he predicts. He’s got several articles out right now that indicate we will all be herded into concentration camps and killed off, and that essentially there’s nothing we can do about it. Now I’m not in denial that this is a worst-case scenario possibility — there’s plenty of evidence that they’ve got plans, what those plans are, etc. — it just that he offers nothing in terms of hope, strategies, suggestions. Maybe some people need to be hit over the head with his brand of doom, in order to wake them up. But for those of us trying to protect ourselves and our families, I prefer to get my doom with a sprinkling of options that might help minimize the pain of what’s coming.

        Hodges: You will likely be taken from your home at 3AM, loaded into a transport vehicle with other designated sovereign citizens with only the clothes on your back, and shipped to your final designated I/R camp.

        The hell I will. Give me liberty or give me death.

        • mark s mann


          I have seen you commenting a lot lately, and we appreciate your support and input.
          Thank you.

          While Hodges is quite sensational with his stories, I don’t necessarily have a problem with that. What bothers me is that as a responsible writer / journalist you need to substantiate and corroborate the material you put out. Especially if it is going to get your audience’s anxiety level elevated.

          In this SGT interview he also stated that he would be revealing the identity of his military “sources” and he has been saying that for a while now. I am looking forward to that if it ever happens. I am not holding my breath.

          When it comes to bombshells(no pun intended) like the ones Hodges drops, I think its irresponsible to constantly put out content like that with no concrete proof. It’s ok to grossly speculate and ponder, but you have to tell people that’s what you are doing.

          On a thread about Sandy Hook yesterday I made a comment which was basically that I think a lot of people who follow the alternative media are into fear porn as “entertainment” for lack of a better term. I don’t think Sean understood 100% of what I was saying and that’s partially my fault for not articulating properly. My point is that there are many people out there who do love the fear porn, the same way people like watching scary movies to get the shit sacred out of them. I am going to call bullshit on anyone who says this is not a reality. I think there is a substantial amount of people who follow Hodges’s work that either fall into this category or lack the critical thinking to be able to call bullshit when they should. If anyone gets offended by that….prove me wrong.

          When I do go to Hodges site I don’t see anyone asking hard questions or calling bullshit in the comments. Believe me I look. I don’t see much “common sense” there.

          When ever SGT Report puts out content that people don’t approve of, or they call bullshit on, you can see it in the comments….And…we reply. Regardless of what people think or say, Sean DOES NOT edit or delete or moderate commentary unless it is out of the park inappropriate, offensive to the SGT community or abusive. I am telling you that as a contributor that is not a paid employee. I’m just a volunteer.

          We try and vet everything as best as we can, and believe me, Sean and his staff have passed on content and we have chosen to tone down some things because we want to be viewed as sensationalists. SGT prides itself on being accurate and truthful as we possibly can. Are we perfect? Hell no, but I think the quality of comments and the intellect of the people who gather here is evidence that we are doing something properly.

          The SGT Crew is keeping news worthy stories, events, and possible threats on the radar as best as they can. Although I personally rank Hodges credibility low (at this time) I am happy that it comes up on the radar via SGT as my plate is pretty full. I trust Sean, Rory and Peter enough to monitor the radar for me as I think many people are now comfortable with. I think that is also an unspoken benefit of the SGT community. We are all so busy with our lives, career / work, families and the daily grind, that we can never possibly monitor all the news outlets. I think SGT does a great job of focusing / streamlining the real important stuff on the radar.

          Thanks for your support!

          • mangrove


            Thanks for your continued viewpoint on Hodges and also your points about SGT, which were quite refreshing. I’d already sensed a great deal of openness here, and appreciate that very much. And kudos for all the work it takes to keep this site going whilst having lives to tend to as well.

            On the fear porn thing, I agree. Funny thing about me is that I’ve never liked horror movies, or even roller coasters. But I am a responsible head-of-household type of guy who has always been somewhat of an outsider and even a rebel to a certain degree (increasing by the day). Learning about the lies of 9/11 was a big step for me in taking the red pill, and I’ve been engaged in learning about the true horror of the reality of the world we live in ever since, but not because I get a kick out of it.

            There are so many dangers to contend with, but knowledge is power and I’m a problem-solver so I keep up with the daily news here and on many other sites, using as much discernment as I can, to find ways to ameliorate the problems, from poisoned food and water to radiation and chemtrails to false-flag terrorism — so many things aimed squarely at all of us now.

            That’s such a key point that my former friends don’t get, and why I’ve had to sever ties with them. I truly believe each of us is now faced with a choice of which side we’ll take — that of our fellow man, or that of the evildoers. So when my best friend sided with Dianne Feinstein et al on gun control, it was clear to me that he was beyond redemption (and yes, I supplied him with ample evidence that Sandy Hook was a very questionable event at the very least, but he refused to look at any of that evidence, instead stating that Obama’s “weak” executive orders were all he needed to be convinced that Sandy Hook wasn’t a false flag).

            He and I don’t speak now, because I simply see no point in having what I call toxic friends who are in bed with the enemy, even if they’re ignorant — they choose to ignore, hence the term ignorant (paraphrasing Mark Passio).

            I only have so much time and tolerance when it comes to waking people up — and honestly, even though it saddens me to see friends and family so deeply brainwashed, my life is more positive moving forward with preparations (physically, mentally, spiritually) for what’s coming without these people holding me back, pulling at me to get back into their blue-pill, ignorance-is-bliss world of comfortable denial.

            Sorry to ramble on…. and thanks for reading this much, if you made it this far! lol And thank you SGT for allowing me the space to vent and hopefully contribute something of value from time to time.

            Best regards to all of you!

          • SGT

            Thanks for the clarification Mark, it help me understand where you’re coming from. I have a great disdain for in-fighting in this “community”, it is my absolute pet peeve. If I stopped posting from every source that someone has said they dislike I would never post from King World News, David Icke, Infowars, Steve Quayle, Clif High (webbots), Ann Bernhardt, James Turk, the list goes on and on. My preference is to post information from sources who have proven themselves capable of understanding and speaking honestly about false flag government sponsored terrorism, worldwide banking criminality, the history and truth about the Federal Reserve, etc. Then let the chips fall where they may, leaving the rest to the intellect of our intelligent readers. But please, harbor some respect for those with the courage and tenacity to speak out against this ghastly system every single day, they deserve it – whether you agree with them or not.

          • Rainmaker

            Everybody is picking on Dave Hodges. I gotta say, his stuff is controversial and certainly incredible and sometimes I get pissed off just reading his articles (and he does push the limits). Its hard to imagine that any of what he proposes might be true. But then again, looking back, its hard to imagine our recent history. I can’t imagine that any of what has happened the last 5 years has happened without so much as a whimper. Or the 8 years before that, or the 8 years before that and the 4 years before that for that matter. Whats really challenging is to know that we have all been fed so much propaganda that its hard to tell what is real and what is not. Our realities have all been constructed for us. My fear is not Dave Hodges sounding the bell. I hope he is not correct, I really do. But, is any of what he is saying that far fetched? Are those propositions that far out there that we should not consider the possibilities? If you listen to Jim Willie and others like Jim, is what Dave opines really that impossible? No one knows for certain but he is certainly not FOS! My fear is not Dave Hodges and fear porn, but the majority of those with Normalcy Bias and Cognitive Dissonance that are preconditioned to vote for the Death Cult of Collectivism. Hell, most people I know if you tell them something was wrong with 9/11 just look back at you with a glazed look and/or challenge you for being cuckoo. And we blog on. I wonder where those of us who are part of this “community” stand as far as the chosen ones are concerned? Probably at the head of the line.

        • Truthy1

          There seems to be a deliberate aversion to associating anyone with Masonic ties by the group as a whole! For Instance many of our Representatives, like Ron Paul, is a John Birch recipient,Jesuit- Georgetown University Honoree and speaker,Knights of Columbus,His entire family is associated with Freemasons,Eastern Star and others. Most/almost all media mouths are silent on this subject. WE ARE BEING LIED TO BY EVERYBODY UNDER THE “SUN” !!

          • STEVEN

            Right on TRUTHY1!

            Ron Paul is a Scottish Rite Free Mason and his Wife and daughters belong to the Eastern Star! The Rothchild’s and Bilderberger’s are Knights of Malta and are NOT at the very top (Something that Alex Jones will NEVER tell you)

            Trust no-one as the “truth movement” has been infiltrated long ago.Characters like Alex Jones ARE Controlled Opposition (his father-in-law is a Knights of Malta)…He give you half-truths and that is it…ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME!!!!!

      • Hannon

        ‘It is completely ridiculous to state that “SEALS” and “Rangers”’

        I agree, when it comes to something like whacking fellow bankers, the military chain of command leaves a trail that can be sniffed out, and in the event they may want to tie up loose ends, you can’t just make SEALS and Rangers disappear without a ton of paper work and an explanation of what happened to them. Obama is the exception, look what happened to his armature style handling of his fake Binladen raid and the following deaths of those SEALS, their families wouldn’t just let it go. There’s a reason why they usually use foreign mercs for wet work.

  • Eric

    “Devoted to the cause”

    The cognitive dissonance part is spot on. The shift is too much for the average person who has lived their entire lives in the matrix and yes, they just shut down. Someone else will do it.

    Americans? Hello!!! Where are you??? Call your congressman lately? How come you can vote for the bastards but you can’t hold them responsible? Are you THAT freaking lazy???

    We ALL have a voice!!! What are you using yours for?

    Thanks guys! I like this one a lot.

  • glitter 1

    The cognitive dissonance is the major hurdle that is blinding/holding people back.The Boomers,post WWII generation have enjoyed the longest,greatest time period of prosperity the World has ever known and people just can’t envision anything different,life(as we’ve known it) will continue on unchanged.However,everyone who visits this site knows full well the true condition of the US and the World for that matter and it’s not a question of if,but when the triggering event will change our world forever.People can not comprehend a “WWII Europe” here in America,but the evidence is/ “DOTS” are out in the open for all who have eyes to see.People can not comprehend a complete financial collapse and how that will totally up-end their way of life as they’ve known it.The facts speak for themselves,the country is bankrupt financially and headed for a collapse,there is no escaping it and it will change all of our lives just as The Depression & WWII changed our parent’s lives.They say Culture Shock is a Bitch,I believe we are in for finding out to a great extent,with some more than others too.There is a much bigger picture at play than just the US;but when TSHTF it will spill over and effect the entire world,that’s the way it has been planned.
    I think the take away is that even if no one single source has all the answers/truth there are facts that hold water and if you use some level of critical thinking/analysis one can connect “The Dots”,construct a tapestry,which brings into focus a picture/theme/reality.If we are honest with ourselves as to what we know/hear/see is transpiring right before our eyes daily,then we have to honestly say that change to our lives is coming and need to prepare ourslves/family/friends as best we can.The Truth is The Truth regardless of the source.

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd deg)

      • glitter 1

        Mark F,
        I checked out “Your Setup”.I have one very similar.I have a Northstar 9000kw(10,000 surge)w/16hp B&S.Had it since 1999.I’ve got it in a Royal Shed with a 50amp cord to a Reliance RV 50amp twist lock,then #6/3 to a double 50amp in the 200amp SD Panel.All I do is open the Main,crank up the generator,close the gen breaker,then close the 50amp breaker to feed the whole panel.I get 37.5amps @ 240volts and 75amps @ 120v(continuous).As with yours I can run my 4ton ac,but just barely,otherwise it can handle the entire house without having to balance load since I do have electric cooktop/oven,(NG)gas dryer,heating & hot water.Never failed me since I installed it.There was a time when we had the only house on the street with lights.

    • lastmanstanding

      Glitter1, it has been a good run…actually, it has been a great run for those who have put forth the effort to be productive. Unfortunately, it has been a great run for those pos that have sucked the life (without any fucking remorse!)out of those who have been productive. They will wake one day and all will be upside down.

      The last 6 years has seen the demoralization of millions of middle class Americans that may not have been paying attention like they should have been. The idea that you can just jump on someone else’s train for 30 or 40 years and retire with a shitload of money is not realistic. Just because you see someone else get lucky doesn’t mean you will be. For the most part of my life I have been self-employed. I had some damn good jobs (that I quit, never fired) and none of them lasted more than 7 years. (I am in my early 50’s) Why? Because I wanted more of everything. More opportunity, more freedom, more choices and yes, MORE MONEY. My choices, no one else’s problem. I will get what I deserve and I’m good with that.

      Everyone will get EXACTLY what they deserve…many of those will never even know why.

      • glitter 1

        I’ve got my eye on the prize,the goal line.The NWO is rushing to bring in their Kingdom,they always have been;it’s just more out in the open now as they can see the light at the end of their tunnel.However,their plans will be defeated,it is settled in Heaven.

        2Ti 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

  • Jeff

    Great interview SGT. Thanks.

  • Chairmanwow

    Thank you SGT for your excellent media services, you truly are one of the best sources available. I have to say, Hodges & Hudes great pumpkin level of wishful disinfo reeks worse than what my non-wishing hand fills up with. I know AJ, Icke, Paul, Quayle and the like, all have great fishin holes, but please, no soft ball with these guys. They must be vetted as being for the republic regularly, most especially after credibility losing Peirs Morgan moments. I’m sure most still remember how Perots old in out burning bush family threatened me comment has left this country screwed for another generation. You are going to have to get your hands a lil dirty, maybe even your hair muffed! I am certainly a bit of a hot head, when it comes to these matters, and not afraid to throw sand in the emperors eyes. I love watching Mr. Chris Duanne cut the face off lord Rothchild (lol). Call it a unique upbringing! Beats sleeping thru a fake history class. As far as fear porn goes, the shoe don’t fit. I can only speak for myself here, the truth sets me free & not many things on this planet satisfy my soul like giving the game away. And last but not least, if we are going to quote movie scripts to back-up are far out fringe of sanity dot connecting theories, in the John Nash spirit of game theory CATCH 22 “HELP SNOWDEN”

    Sent from my National Socialist Agency spied upon iPhone

  • Everything is going according to plan, unless of course people all wake-up to True Economy prescribed by Mathematically Perfected Economy and Jurisdiction. Without understanding Jurisdiction, whatever happens is a win-win situation for the bankers and their proxies –


  • andrew james

    If you are one of those that want to storm Monsatan HQ and gun down all of the scientists there then you are a terrorist. And if you are welcome aboard.

  • dan

    why does dave scare people into checking his site out on a daily basis??–money!!!! as long as he can scare you into checking out the bull he spews is so he will make money on advertising that people pay him to run on this sight. I can’t believe any one really believes this garbage. but you have a friend of mine so scared that the world will end. he spends most of his time worrying about it. dave is a scare monger that only wants to make on your fear.(sort of like Hitler!!!!!

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