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America’s “We” Problem

by Robert Reich:

America has a serious “We” problem — as in “Why should we pay for them?”

The question is popping up all over the place. It underlies the debate over extending unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed and providing food stamps to the poor.

It’s found in the resistance of some young and healthy people to being required to buy health insurance in order to help pay for people with preexisting health problems.

It can be heard among the residents of upscale neighborhoods who don’t want their tax dollars going to the inhabitants of poorer neighborhoods nearby.

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4 comments to America’s “We” Problem

  • dan

    spoken by a man who has never worked a day in his life outside of government jobs…and who wants you to be taxed to pay for everyone else’s life styles….screw you and THEM….get government out of business and peoples lives and maybe there would be enough money to go around to support people on a ‘voluntary’ in the old days when churches and families took care of the less fortunate…NOT government and its cronies as RR is….imho

  • Rancher

    This kind of crap spin in sickening. Those who have earned more have all the rights in this country to hold on to it. Even if that means pooling some with others of like means to protect themselves form people like this author who somehow feels the govt needs to level the playing field with fees taxes, penalties and other form of communism. The needs of the many met by the abilities of the few.

    We have to fight to keep what we have left now after the govt and other commies have targeted our wealth to fund their feel good feelings. It is very true that personal giving is the very best. We with more wealth look for and reward or help others who have earned said respect and help. We also do not reward bad behavior which is exactly what the govt and bleeding hearts love to do. Justify then reward bad behavior.

    I would love to see some people join with some doctors etc to form private hospitals and clinics where only paying members can go. This simply offers freedom of choice and contradicts the govts attempts to homogenize all the citizens into one option plan. The same for school districts and whatever. If I can not be allowed to be left alone in my life to do what I wish to with my hard earned and protected monies then why live in this country? What is the reward? Hard work and financial reward to then have it taken to reward others with much less self drive? Let those pricks eat cake baby. They can use their food stamps to buy it to.

    I already have been doing research for years to relocate to central America to live out my life without others reaching into my pockets to pay for their wet dreams and feel good plans. If I see it keep trending towards more wealth redistribution I will sell off my multi million dollar Ranch and take the rest of my wealth and leave. Screw the IRS on any personal gains they want to steal from my hard work developing this place. If I move I will go countryside and after a while I will look to team up and fund some local families working hard who need a grub stake to get ahead. It would be a loan with some profit to help them and they would be free to take the offer or not. They would be working hard and not on any handouts. Big difference than the entitlement mental illness disorders which plaque this nation.

    • jonathan

      But Rancher what if a group of people got involved in a scam and made a bunch of money, do they get to keep that money? What if a group of people who were born into a specific class got opportunities that the rest did not because of their parents connections to Banksters and Government? I can’t stand Robert Reich but I don’t want these Fascist Pigs keeping the money they scammed from society.

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