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Alert: At Least 20 Bankers Now Dead!

from Silver Doctors:

The sudden rash of bankers expiring in mysterious ways has been well documented.

Jim Willie revealed to SD readers that we are seeing bankers removed who are on the verge of revealing big data details on FOREX bank fraud.

News of the latest JPM banker to be found dead (Ryan Crane, the Executive Director of JPM’s Global Equities Group) went viral after European banking source V claimed that Crane & the JPM London banker who fell from the top of JPM’s London HQ last week “knew each other & had uncovered something“.

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2 comments to Alert: At Least 20 Bankers Now Dead!

  • dan

    maybe soon the politicians that protect and realize monetary gain from these corrupt bankers will start their life ending dance

  • jonathan

    This is exactly what the Italian Mafia did back in the eighties they whacked everyone they thought was a rat. This is also what the Federal Government Fascist Mafia is talking about doing to Snowden. They keep saying “he’s a rat we should take him out.” Does anyone deny these guys are a mafia at this point?

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