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After the EMP comes Nuclear Meltdown

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

An EMP (electro magnetic pulse), if strong enough (and regardless of the source – weaponized or solar), will potentially fry electronics and electronic systems within its invisible sphere of destruction. Many expert opinions and reports suggest that our electrical power grid could go down.

A large weaponized nuclear EMP detonation (or group thereof) high in the atmosphere will cause a wide ranging debilitating EMP.

A solar super flare (X-50+) and accompanying CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) will zap the surface of the earth with an even longer lasting EMP as it did during 1859 (the Carrington event).

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1 comment to After the EMP comes Nuclear Meltdown

  • glitter 1

    Yes all electrical generation would cease depending on the EMP intensity,whether Nuclear,Fossil,Hydro.Anything with a coil would/could become damaged beyond repair.All electrical transformers,large medium,small would most likely burn-up internally.There would be no recovery for years and years since there is no transformer manufacturing left in the US.They come now from Korea,Mexico and Brazil.They also have long lead times to order,especially the very large generation and sustation units,these take up to two years.However,in an EMP event where the failures would be overwhelming,it could very well an ELE.Total chaos,death,destruction.

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