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A Military Strike In Syria Will Spark World War III

from X22Report:

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2 comments to A Military Strike In Syria Will Spark World War III

  • Ed_B

    “A Military Strike In Syria Will Spark World War III”

    No, not really. Neither is Ukraine a spark point for WW-III. What they are, are points of contention between major world powers. They are proxy battle zones where the US, UK, China, and Russia can spar with each other without severe threats to their own home territory… and that’s ALL they are. There is nothing in Syria or Ukraine that ANY country feels is worth taking nuclear bombardment to have or to protect. NOTHING.

    • jonathan

      I agree Ukraine aint starting WW3 but with the psychopaths in Israel, the Mullahs in Iran and the terrorist Saudis who knows what could happen in the MIddle East. Second of all Ukraine has many valuable natural resources not to mention it is covered in farmland and with the coming Hemp Biodiesel revolution Ukraine farmland will be Hella-Valualbe.

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