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A Black Monday for Bitcoin? Flash Crashes Return as Volatility Spikes

[Ed. Note: Was this a beta test for the coming Bitcoin end game crash? There are (State) powers who would like to be in control of the crypto-currency’s destiny. Does today’s flash crash herald some measure of their success?]

from News Ledge:

Major news is hitting the currency, and is causing the currency to return to the volatile days of old. Mt. Gox is out with a statement that it has found a bitcoin-wide issue that affects withdrawals. The exchange said that it found a software bug that could affect all bitcoin transactions to third parties, and would need to be addressed with the core development team.

Mt. Gox was quick to point that none of its wallets were affected, but it also wasn’t resuming currency withdrawals. Actions speak louder than words on this one. Now the arguments will come fast and furious on whether it is a localized problem on Mt. Gox’s end or if it is truly a bitcoin issue. Mt. Gox has not exactly had a good run of press lately.

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4 comments to A Black Monday for Bitcoin? Flash Crashes Return as Volatility Spikes

  • Joe

    Max Keiser is a perpetrator of this Bitcoin, I have read.

  • karate kid

    max keiser was great yes gold and silver

    then all the post mocking christanity none mocking Mohamed
    classic pussy
    then all the bitcoin crap
    I loved his work but after constantly selling bitcoin he has become a useful idiot
    I cant even watch him lately unless theres someone good on

    he should have stuck to the banks like a politican has totally lost me

    then jim rogers another piece of sheet selling north korea these guys are scum bags

    I still love alex jones and Gerald celente marc farber and peter schff and macalhaney
    max needs to get his head out of his azz

    • Z

      Just to point out a couple of differences: Christians will forgive others for mocking their religion… Muslims will come with a sword to hack off your head. There is zero tolerance with that group.

      side note: In S.E. Asia there are a few countries where they practice what I call “Muslin Lite”. The women there still have to wear head scarves but they are allowed to wear designer jeans and other tight, provocative, clothing. Alcohol is sold and there and there are other things that are overlooked that would be totally forbidden in the hard core Muslim countries. It all boils down to who controls the money… the Muslims may control the government but the Orientals control the money.

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