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9/11 Truther Seizes Mic During Superbowl MVP Speech

[Ed. Note: This is making news over at NBC’s Pro Football Talk website as well, which shows that an awakening has indeed occurred. The comments section shows polarizing disagreement between the enlightened and the indoctrinated. The good news is, the enlightened outnumber the indoctrinated. See an example below.]

from TRUTHstreammedia:

In an unexpected moment during MVP Malcolm Smith’s speech after the Seattle Seahawks blowout at the Superbowl last night, something even more unexpected happened — an actual important issue was brought up.

[Ed. Note: Over on NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk website there are numerous comments from the informed and the sheeple alike. Here’s just one example:]

Totally wrong forum for this person to address that, but anyone who believes that the 9/11 story happened the way we were told it did is a complete fool; we were lied to from the start. End of political rant.

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3 comments to 9/11 Truther Seizes Mic During Superbowl MVP Speech

  • Steve_D

    One of the greatest scams they have ever pulled is making us think we are in the minority on the 911 issue.

    Those of us who know the official story was bullshit are now the majority.

  • Scott Wolf

    Operation North Woods
    Project Hammer
    Larry Silverstein insurance on WTC in JULY,2001
    Office of Naval Intelligence hit at Pentagon-investigating the missing $2.3 trillion.
    CIA offices,ENRON files at WTC 7
    Jet fuel burns at 1800 degrees,steel melts at 2500 degrees
    $300 billion in gold stolen under WTC 4
    The Patriot Act
    Homeland Security
    Heroin trade protected by US Military.


  • dan

    the ‘mindless’ thumbs down people will be cheering for the grand opening of the FEMA camps as they are ‘invited to be the first ones to enter….imho

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