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57 Iranian Warships Headed To East Coast?

from Ben Swann:

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5 comments to 57 Iranian Warships Headed To East Coast?

  • gerald

    Rust buckets of no threat unless they have a nuke on board.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    They are probably on a relief mission for when the USA implodes soon. That would be a Kodak moment taking a handout from your perceived boogey man.

  • Much to do about nothing.

    How many folks have the Iranians gone after in the last 200 years????? That would be a big fat doughnut.

    Now….. just how many countries have WE screwed up?

    Let-um sail their tiny boats, let-um build their nuke power stations, let-um even have a nuke bomb. They’ll need it to stave off Israhell and the Saudis.

  • Brian

    OMG! Sounds like we need to build 30 more aircraft carriers! Iran is sending a rubber dingy at us….

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