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2013 Sniper Attack on Electric Substation Went Unknown to Public

by James Burgess, Oil Price:

The Wall Street Journal broke a story this week about a largely unknown sniper attack from last year on a California electric substation. Apparently on April 16, 2013, a group of snipers launched an attack on the Metcalf substation in San Jose, knocking 17 giant transformers offline that service Silicon Valley. To avoid a blackout, other power plants in Silicon Valley made up for the shortfall, but repairs took almost a month to complete.

Details of the event were kept quiet in order to reveal information that could help copycats. However, Jon Wellinghoff, former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), is going public about the event because to date there have been no arrests. He calls the episode, “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.” He fears the attackers may be planning a larger attack.

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3 comments to 2013 Sniper Attack on Electric Substation Went Unknown to Public

  • Sean

    Wow. That’s funny. An actual instance of real terrorism and they bury the story!

  • I’m somewhat puzzled by this. Consider the source…. who is the WSJ owned by? News Corp, and just how much truth has been coming out from its subsidiaries as of the last 15 years????? Pretty much none.

    Sniper attacks? Come on now. If you really wanted to take a station out, fire would do the job. I think I’m going to smack the BS button on this one.

    Now….. has a seed been planted? Will we hear “more” stories about the grid? I’m guessing we will. Is this a precursor to something bad or just another fear mongering story with that TERROR word. They use that word so much, its punch has gone soft.

    As the banks falter more, “things” will start to happen. A grid dump would certainly do the job of distraction.

  • jerry

    This is all they got as far as terrorism goes for now, and the rats (msm) starting to stink .The power station attack seems to fit the bill. Seems its become their (only) terrorism talking point lately and why we should Really WORRY and FEAR ..Terrorism Terrorism – terrorism its getting much more MSM coverage than the threat of EMT , sun flare or attack . From what I understand protections not that difficult to correct, and being ignored, but who cares? I can think of many more dramatic environmental issues (excluding the controversial so called global warming ) Instead lets talk about how terrorism didn’t take our jobs ,destroy Detroit ,bankrupt our economy , allow big corporations to make their own laws and make under the table agreements and regulations that give absolute no accountability for future environmental damage to global corporation (royalty) . Attacks by IRS un-investigated , banks that launder drug money, LIBOR for many I know it over your head. We can keep our doctor because we have the most transparent government in the history of the ??? , were totally compromised by the mob overstepping oaths of the constitution disregarding bill of rights. State run media with no real debates with serious professional alternative media. instead they just Jail them, threaten them, blackmail or you know what.

    but acts of terrorism kill our nations finest in Bengazi , but what difference does that make , started wars nations with differing views of the western banking system refusing to give up GOLD as there currency valuation . Globaial fiat currency and now is overtaking the last standing free country with the middleclass in the bullseye . The terrorism is through total control thats all its about, but its not the control your familiar with. It doesnt take a brain scientist to connect the dots.

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