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Woody O’Brien – W.A.N. Radio

from Charlie Mcgrath:

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  • Anon

    The International Central Bankers who have taken over our government, gained their foothold on Dec. 23rd, 1913, with passage of the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” Act.

    Here’s a headline, that the Mainstream Media is likely using, to convince the Sheeple, that “something IS being done” about all the corruption at JP Morgan (however, $2 Billion is a DROP IN THE BUCKET, to these International Central Bankers who have already “Off-shored”(skimmed/stolen) TRILLIONS of $$ of American citizen’s money, in the late 2008 “TBTF” (Too-Big-To-Fail) Crony Central Banker Bailout.

    Here’s the article: JPMorgan Chase Nears a $2 Billion Deal In a Case Tied To Madoff

    Oh, boy – we can all breathe in a deep sigh, of relief, now that SOMETHING is FINALLY ACTUALLY being done, to correct all the corruption. WHAT A JOKE! Buy silver (bullion). It is currently the single best antidote to all the corruption. Buy, hold, and watch the daily ‘spot’ price. It’s insurance. When all other paper-based, or digital-based investments go to zero – silver will still retain value.

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