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What If….today was the last ‘normal’ day any of us ever have?

by Lizzie, Underground Medic:

What if in ten minutes time life as we know it ceases to exist?

How it could start for millions of people

Maybe you wouldn’t notice right away, the alarm goes off, you get up and head for the bathroom, you shower, you dress and then you go downstairs, maybe put on the kettle or the coffee pot. A short time goes by, and you realize the kettle hasn’t boiled. You try the light…the powers out.

You look out of the window to see if anyone else has lights on, they don’t. Living on a hill you can see some distance across town. It’s winter, sometimes a line comes down, especially up here in the hills, looking out of the window usually gives you an idea of how widespread the outage is. Today is no different. The difference today is that there are no lights, none. Clayville, population 15,879, and less than a mile away from the window you are looking out of, is in darkness.

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