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Weekly News Wrap-Up Syrian Peace Talks Fail, UK Banker Deaths, Iran Nuke Deal in Jeopardy, Fed Tapers Money Printing

from USA Watchdog:

Let’s go back to the Middle East for the top stories. The Syrian peace talks have gone nowhere.

Absolutely nothing has been accomplished from the U.S. perspective. They have failed and the best thing you can hope for is another round of talks. The Syrians and the Assad regime, on the other hand, look to be the big winners. They claimed to be destroying their chemical weapon stockpile but are way behind schedule and have only come up with a little more than 4% of their stockpile. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is concerned, as he should be. It looks like the Syrians and the Russians have put one over on the Obama Administration. There appears to be no end to the Syrian civil war that has claimed the lives of more than 130,000 and displaced more than 7 million.

Speaking of Syria, it appears the civil war there is continuing to spill across its borders. It is being reported that the military in Turkey has been attacking al-Qaeda forces inside Syria. The attacks by the Turkish military are in retaliation for cross-border fire earlier this week. This is just another sign of increasing instability in the region.

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