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Weekend Musings about Investments and Stuff

by argentus maximus, TF Metals Report:

I used to read a lot of fiction while in my early teens. Science fiction, detective novels murder mysteries and whodunits. I also used to make codes. I did crosswords, and puzzles. Little did I think how all these embryonic skills would come back to be used later in life as a trader of financial markets!

Often I’ve heard conspiracy theories, realistic theories, post facto explanations for all the strange things that happen in the markets. The more you learn the less you think you know! That’s because, among other things learned, one learns one’s limitations. Trading losses ( and gains) are a pretty clear lesson, or verdict of the skills applied to trades.

So, in a way, everyone is (inside their head) trying to solve the puzzle which is the blank prices yet to be filled in on the right hand side of the charts of whatever asset their money is currently riding on.


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