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Violence in The Face of Tyranny is Often NECESSARY

from ZeroHedge:

The word “violence” comes with numerous negative connotations. We believe this is due to the fact that in most cases violence is used by the worst of men to get what they want from the weak. Meeting violence with violence, though, is often the only way to stop such abuses from continuing. We tend to discuss measures of non-participation (not non-aggression) because all resistance requires self-sustainability. Americans cannot fight the criminal establishment if they rely on the criminal establishment. Independence is more about providing one’s own necessities than it is about pulling a trigger.

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2 comments to Violence in The Face of Tyranny is Often NECESSARY

  • Winston

    Thanks for posting,

    This was one of the biggest blows to jewish soviet bolshevism, that is why most have never heard about it.

    A true David vs goliath. The bravery of this small nation gives me hope against these neo-Marxists/neo-cons who claim they are all powerful, Phooey!

  • Suzanne

    The part about Stalin’s MKVD officers going in the killing so many of the Soviet soldiers… we’re seeing that now with Obama firing over 200 top military, and of course, all the arms running, like the 400 surface to air missiles sent into Benghazi for Al Qaida. There are a lot of good OathKeepers in our military.
    When you can, check out the Three Percenters Club:

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