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US Army To Have ‘Nano’ Insect Drones By 2030s, Internal Roadmap Reveals

by HuffPost, via StratRisks:

The US Department of Defense has released its ‘roadmap’ for bringing new and ever-more-subjectively-terrifying robots to the battlefield.

The ‘Unmanned Systems Roadmap’ document actually addresses overall cuts to the budget for drones, down to $4.1 billion ($3.7 billion of which is for aircraft).

But the document still marks out several milestones which will see the US armed forces increasingly reliant on autonomous systems in the coming decades, until at least 2038.

They include new and improved unmanned aircraft, as well as new ground-based robots.

While drones in the air are more familiar, ground-based robots too “have proven their worth in Iraq and Afghanistan across a spectrum of mission areas” the report says.

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2 comments to US Army To Have ‘Nano’ Insect Drones By 2030s, Internal Roadmap Reveals

  • Hoser

    They did say they wanted to “Down Size” the Army…

    • Ed_B

      Yep, they did, lol.

      Does this mean that they will have the perfect assassin drone? Imagine a flying machine the size of a mosquito that can deliver a drop of brucine or curare to some “enemy of the state”. It would be unseen, unheard, and virtually unstoppable. Scary stuff for sure.

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