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Training for Survival

by Warm Winds, Survival Blog:

During a survival situation, being able to do a task with a good amount of stamina can get things done much faster. As an example, a recent survival blog entry was about how bikes are very valuable during survival. If one has no stamina, bikes can be pretty useless. Even if one has a limited amount of stamina, biking can be very exhausting and require a very long time to get from place to place. As a personal example, yesterday there was a big snowstorm where I live. My younger brothers and I decided to shovel snow for money. I can say with certainty that I did at least 75% of the work because I had the stamina to keep working, while they needed to take breaks. There are an endless number of survival situations in which one would find himself needing stamina, but a few include gathering plants in the wild, skinning an animal, running after or from an attacker, hunting, as well as hauling supplies.

When people think of working out, many think of bodybuilding and bench pressing. In a book called “The Lone Survivor,” the author (a Navy SEALS trainer) wrote how the people who were heavy lifters were the first ones to drop out of training because they were too top heavy.

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