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This is Why We Prep: Atlanta Crippled by 2 inches of Snow, People Literally Sleeping in Stores

from Off Grid Survival:

What’s happening in Atlanta right now is a perfect example of how ill prepared the country, the government and people in general are to face any kind of disaster.

Yesterday Atlanta was hit by a relatively small snowstorm; in fact, only about 2 inches of snow fell in most areas. But sadly, this was enough to cripple the entire city, forcing people to abandon their cars and take refuge inside of shopping centers.

24 Hours after the Storm, and people are still stranded without food and water — 24 hours after the storm hit, students are still camped out in schools, buses full of people are trapped on roadways, and commuters are still abandoning cars all along the highway. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has dispatched National Guard units to start collecting kids who are still stranded at school and people who are still stuck on Atlanta’s crippled roads and freeway system.

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15 comments to This is Why We Prep: Atlanta Crippled by 2 inches of Snow, People Literally Sleeping in Stores

  • Scott

    What’s really pathetic is all these morons look to the goddamn government to save them. Save yourselves assholes! We all knew this storm was coming for days!! You’re a disgrace to the those that built this land with no help from any government office.

  • Jeff

    I’m sorry but this really is too funny.

  • rico

    For REAL? Two inches of snow and people are stranded? How pathetic. You done yerself proud Hotlanta. How do y’all get to work in the morning if there is traffic? I have seen rain in Atlanta that is more crippling than two inches of snow, yet y’all seem to do just fine with that. Guess y’all just needed an excuse for a couple of days off, right?? Call the White House and tell BOEROCK to send some help…

  • frank

    Allow me to illustrate how dumbed down and helpless people have become. I noticed heavy traffic entering the lane that turns into a major mall. Like everyone else I changed lanes, and continued and noticed that a stalled car was causing the traffic jam.
    I entered the mall, did what I had to do, and began walking to my car and noticed that the situation had not changed, maybe 20-30 mins duration. I realised from the yelling and lound constant honking, that people were getting frustrated, so i decided to see if I could help resolve the situation. I walked up to the car, a fancy new SUV, and tapped on the window.

    Two “metrosexual looking men”, very soft, very well groomed, dressed in very nice attire, were seated inside. One cracked the window open after a few seconds and I explained if there was anything i could do. I suggested pushing the vechicle into the actual parking lot so as to eliminate the traffic. The driver, was shocked! He could not beleive this simple suggestion. but…for some reason, he couldnt get the car into neutral, and wouldn’t get out of his vechicle to let me try. I asked him if this had happened before. He said it was the first time he ran out of GAS!

    I went to my car, got my little emergency gas can, poured it into his tank. He shouted thanks,never left his car,never asked if I needed anything or wanted anything for my troubles, never offered to pay for the gas and just drove off. It was then that I realised after looking across the street, that just a few steps away, was a shell gas station. Literally less than a 3 min walk across the street.

    This is the state of either helplessness or entitlement that we have reached! Part of me wanted to chase him down, and have a few words, but it was already to late by then!

    • Frank, this seems to be the “norm” as of late. Clueless and helpless. Have they been “programmed” this way? When I walk my local mall, (hardly ever because of what I see) I’m disgusted. Stupidity abounds. Plus, a real clue of the area’s demographics can be learned. (Mexico’s borders some how moved WAY north without me knowing.)

      When this thing goes…. these people are toast. Some sick thoughts about making some my slaves roll through my brain every once in a while. (well….. it’s good for a quick smile anyway.)

  • Troy

    Can’t the Zombies go to a FEMA camp?

  • All weather engineered storms. If planes spray chemicals, thus chemtrails, what do you think the composition of snow would be? Chemicals, of course.
    Proof –

  • The Truth

    Many of the side road were opened. Many of the cars have GPS in them. However many of these fools called 911 and tow trucks for help. These people who were stuck were the many whom worked for the government and the funny thing is, all the government workers were let out at 3pm. This was a planned event. The Mayor and the governor lied their a$$es off talking about how they were prepared. There were no trucks preparing the roads for the ice and snow like they did before. What is even worse is the DOT director stated he only had 70 trucks to cover the entire GA. LOL!

    On another note I tried to burn some of the SNOW and it smelled like plastic. It would not melt at all. I then came to the conclusion, not only are these people lost but they are easily fooled. So Georgia had fake snow also..LMAO!

    Georgia Fake Snow!

  • We just went through this crap “twice” in Houston. Freezing rain and icy roads. The city and school districts sided with caution and “shut things down” BEFORE the worst hit. Businesses followed suit. The majority of folks were home, not out and about. This seems to be very poor planning on Atlanta’s part.

    Aside from that, what I’m seeing is people who are completely unprepared. What if this was accompanied with a power outage????

    The only one to take care of yourself and family is YOU. Extra food, extra gas, and alternate power are just three things that should always be ready.

    I had to work during Houston’s problems. If the roads weren’t treated, I wasn’t going in. If things got really bad while at work, I was prepared to stay. If the house had problems, I would of walked the 13 miles home. And yes…. I had the heavy clothes ready to do it.

  • Troy

    We deal with weather far far worse than that…just today we had a blizzard…I have a 4X4…have to in Minnesota. You get stuck in the country, go in the ditch, with 40 below wind chill without knowledge and proper clothing…you won’t make it very far.

  • Hoser

    2 inches? Really? Proceed to the nearest FEMA camp. These camps are meant for people like this. I don’t know whether to Laugh or Cry…

  • Bronbron

    Dudes… I live here in Atlanta. It wasn’t just “2 inches of snow”. The roads iced over and people could not get up hills and everyone was sliding everywhere. People around here don’t really have 4 wheel drive. It was nuts. So many people on the road at one time. I left my apartment to go to my parents house (2 miles away) and it took 2 hours. I ended up parking and walking there. Traffic was insane. You guys are fucking assholes for talking shit about “HOTLANTA”… noone here even calls it hotlanta hahaha… fucking goober.

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