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This Is Why The Elite Are Fiercely Attacking Gold Today

from KingWorldNews:

Eric King: “What about paper claims on gold hitting 112 to 1 vs available physical gold?”

Kaye: “All of these things we are discussing point to the same thing — we are getting close to the end. As we spoke about earlier, we now have the mainstream media discussing the deficiencies, I would argue corruptness, in what is a highly leveraged fractional-reserve paper system…”

William Kaye continues @

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1 comment to This Is Why The Elite Are Fiercely Attacking Gold Today

  • Z

    Not hard to figure this out. Gold is a yardstick or a gauge that gives a true measure of the worth to the fiat that is the bankster’s lifeblood. It is like sunlight to a vampire…

    They much prefer that the general public remains in the dark regarding Gold and PM’s in general. Why do you think that the ultra rich are buying collectibles and anything else that has tangible worth? There was an article out recently about these duty-free zones where they store their stuff. They are located at various place on the globe, conveniently near airports for quick access to transport.

    If you want to partner up with some preppers that you can trust, pool your assets and purchase some good farmland acreage. Let someone sharecrop it for you now but when the real heavy chit comes down you will have a place to relocate to that will allow you to survive…

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