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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Having A Complete Education

by James Altucher, Lew Rockwell:

I’m a functional idiot by any measurement. I just realized the highest level of math I’ve used in the past year. Heck, the past 25 years. Well… More on that in a second. But you’ll see. It’s pathetic.

What about other subjects? What have I made use of in life?

What about Shakespeare or Chaucer? Have they done much for me this year?

Or SCIENCE? And can someone tell me the actual reason for World War I? Or what percentage of the population supported the Revolutionary War? I have no idea. I’m going to look it up before I finish this post. Stick with me.

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1 comment to The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Having A Complete Education

  • Slvrizgold

    I’ll tell you the real reason for WWI Rockwell, its the same as almost all of them. Groups of hook nosed money changers needed to make a lot of money. And back then the money was actually real LOL.

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