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The Truthseeker: Climate change to sink New York

from RussiaToday:

New York, Shanghai, London and other cities underwater in decades, Obama spikes EPA report admitting fracking does ‘significant’ damage to drinking water, and polluters paying Disney to sell their chemicals to children. Seek truth from facts with Cornell Ecology Professor Bob Howarth; Snake Oil author Richard Heinberg; Dana Bohan at industry-funded researchers Energy in Depth; To Save the Planet, Turn the World Upside Down author Richard Smith; and families living near frack wells.

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8 comments to The Truthseeker: Climate change to sink New York

  • jerry

    Stackers, Paul T you watching this …show this to your buddy Schiff ask him to invest some money somewhere to help clean up the mess he is helping to cause

  • jerry

    ERIC is it another conspiracy just another self indulgent narcissistic ignorant conspiracy nut

  • jerry

    Why would Schiff invest in such a practice? ….NO CHANCE OF LAW SUITS ….he did his homework. Im sure he knows all about the exemptions. But move along nothing greedy about this type investment

  • jerry

    to ERIC , PAUL T ,STACKERS and all you others who think Schiff is so great that he cant do no wrong or harm . He has been instrumental in showing us how corrupt our financial system is I admire him for that and how smart he really is when it comes to finance. But that’s exactly where the buck stops. Because anyone in my opinion, so come on with, it I have have one at least. Anyone in my opinion that invest in this shit is pursuing it for no other reason than GREED. you may think you got all the answers and so damn smart … I don’t THINK SO ill leave you with a couple sayings I heard here on SGT .1st one is IF YOUR NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION YOUR PART OF THE PROBLEM and last, nothing is too inhumane, to evil, or irrational which does not give comfort provided it is shared by the collective..wrap you self indulgent narcissistic mind around it fellas and WAKE THE FU^%$K UP

  • Johan

    Dude, take a chillpill. I agree though. Anyone who in their right mind believes the chemicals you pump down when fracking is not harmful to the environment are just deluding themselfs or helplessly ignorant

    • jerry

      your right I need to chill but when its insinuated by these guys im ignorant or clueless to the problems created buy people like Schiff in particular that support this technology by investing in it., it strikes a nerve. I also see your part of the click here so you can bite me too

  • jerry

    My apologies to all this rhetoric solves nothing but this video gave me my ah ha moment after critiquing comments along with name a calling imbecile to my opinion of yesterdays video of Schiff Vs Rogan

    • glitter 1

      Jerry, Some times you have to just turn the other cheek,because you are bigger than the critics.I’ve recently turn down a request by SGT to participate in an interview relative to Fukushima because of my 30+yrs in the industry,however I declined the offer,partly due to some of the self opinionated/ignorant commetards that unfortunately frequent this site.With an open forum like this,you have to accept the good with the bad.Don’t take it personal and compromise your standards.

      Pr 12:15 ¶ The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.

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