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The Sudden Legalization of Marijuana Is Profoundly Immoral

from The Daily Bell:

Ex-DEA agent jumps jobs to join marijuana investment firm … In a decade with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Patrick Moen rose to supervise a team of agents busting methamphetamine and heroin rings in Oregon – before giving it all up to join the nascent legal marijuana industry in nearby Washington state. In November, the former federal drug agent quit his post to work for a marijuana industry investment firm, and says he relishes getting in on the ground floor of a burgeoning industry he was once sworn to annihilate. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: The US makes many mistakes but the US is a good country and one that is getting freer all the time.

Free-Market Analysis: We take our cue from on this one. We sometimes read Reddit despite the often irritatingly socialist tone of its commentators.

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