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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

from The Burning Platform:

This week on the Diner I published an article on Peak Demand from Ugo Bardi, which he headed up with the old Zen Koan of “What is the Sound of One Hand Clapping“, along with Bart Simpson’s solution to this age-old riddle. In one of those interesting coincidences that periodically happen for inexplicable reasons, said Koan was also mentioned this week in a completely unrelated thread where one of the newer Diners Impertinance has been playing the Zen Mystic Guru game in response to all questions Energy & Economic related.

Diners are no strangers to philosophical arguments, in fact we have an entire board dedicated to these topics called Spirituality & Mysticism, or S & M for short. LOL. For some of the regular Diners interested in these topics, many long discussions hundreds of posts deep have gone on over the last couple of years. It’s a concern of these folks that in a sense supercedes the practical problems faced with the Collapse of Industrial Civilization, which is the Main Topic of the Diner in all its manifestations on the physical level, Economic, Energy, Climate, Geophysical etc. It’s interesting discussion often enough, and I participate sometimes, though usually just to poach. Mostly I am a practical CFS* sorta guy, and waxing philosophical on ideas that generally cannot be proven in any way seems like Navel Gazing to me. JMHO there though.

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