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The Financial Cancer is No Longer Dormant

by Andy Hoffman,

Sorry for the harsh title, but at the Miles Franklin Blog, our aim is not to be “politically correct,” but to protect you from the inevitable collapse of the world’s largest Ponzi scheme; i.e., the global fiat currency regime that commenced when the gold standard was abandoned in 1971.  For years, we have characterized this oppressive financial regime as an incurable cancer; which unfortunately, spreads with the virility of the Ebola virus.  In other words, the worst of all medical scenarios, all wrapped up in one.

Initially, this disease infects the “weakest links” in the chain; in an economic sense, nations with the most undeveloped, unstable political and financial systems.  In other words, those lacking the ability to temporarily mask the symptoms of their money printing are by “exporting” the ensuing inflation to others.

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2 comments to The Financial Cancer is No Longer Dormant

  • Ed_B

    “For now, the fact that real wages are at a 40-year low; real unemployment at Depression-era levels; high paying jobs permanently lost and income inequality at unprecedented levels; as a handful of government-supported oligarchs rule an increasingly dumbed down, financially-broken populace is considered immaterial – as not only does the U.S. have the world’s most widely used currency, but the most powerful market manipulation and propaganda schemes as well.”

    Add to this, the world’s most powerful military that can and will be used to keep other countries in line with US thinking on various economic, political, and social ideas.

    Real employment is at depression levels because we ARE in a depression. One of the better definitions I’ve found for the word “depression” is: “A long-term reduction in national production coupled with persistently high unemployment”. 2008 was not the start of the so-called “Great Recession”. It was Great Depression, Part II.

    Take-home pay for average American citizens has declined now for 5 years in a row and if that isn’t the mark of a failed administration, I don’t know what would be.

    • Z

      “Add to this, the world’s most powerful military that can and will be used to keep other countries in line with US thinking on various economic, political, and social ideas.” I would add “and races” after the word countries.

      Ed, it is good that you mentioned the US Military… Was it you who said that there was no American genocide and that the original Americans were descendants of Neanderthals? Thus the Asians who crossed the Alaskan land bridge were not native Americans but had killed off the Neanderthals? How long ago did that happen?

      Well whoever the Indians in the Americas were descended from they were here first. The Spaniards gutted them in South and Central America, even parts of what is now the American SW. The white Europeans took care of the rest in NA. The US Military was used to force them off of their lands, kill them and otherwise enslave them on reservations. The Canadians did likewise…

      And people are appalled over Oscama using drones… Ha, he is an amateur compared to some of the first American Presidents.

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