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The Coming Economic Collapse Will Be Far Worse Than Most Realize

from SRSroccoreport:

The citizens of the U.S. & world are headed into a future that few are prepared. It will also turn out to be much worse than most realize as it will be unlike anything we have witnessed in the past.

Part of the reason why we are in such a dire predicament has to do with the compartmentalization and specialization of our modern educational and economic system. There’s a great deal of really intelligent people out there doing a lot of very smart things, however they have no clue as to what the hell is going on in other industries or professions.

For example, there are many precious metal analysts that I have a great deal of respect for, but who fail to understand the energy industry. Now, I would imagine there are a percentage of analysts in the precious metal Biz that do understand the ramifications of Peak Oil, but it’s more rewarding for them (financially) to keep their trap shut. Nobody likes a party pooper…. you know what I am saying?

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