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The Coming “Age Of Immortality” Will Shock The World

from KingWorldNews:

Today a legend spoke with King World News about a technology that is going to revolutionize the world and lead to what he describes as the coming “Age of Immortality.” The largest and most powerful companies on the planet are engaged in a race to implement this revolutionary technology because it is going to radically change the world for humanity. Below is what legendary forecaster, James Dines, had to say.

Eric King: “I wanted to start off with the coming 3-D boom and the amazing things happening in the 3-D space.”

Dines: “Sure. Last August when I was on your show I mentioned that I had become the original ‘Restructuring Bug.’ There’s a chart of that (sector) in this Dines Letter, so you can see for yourself what a tremendous, ‘Super-Major’ bull market looks like.”

James Dines continues @

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1 comment to The Coming “Age Of Immortality” Will Shock The World

  • Ed_B

    3D printing is a very nifty techno-breakthrough but, good as it is, its potential shrinks to insignificance compared to that of nano-tech. That will remake people and our entire world, particularly so in the medical arena.

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