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“The Biggest Redistribution Of Wealth From The Middle Class And Poor To The Rich Ever” Explained…

from ZeroHedge:

While the growth of inequality in America has been heavily discussed here, it was Stan Druckenmiller’s outbursts (and warnings that “from beginning to end – once markets adjust from these subsidized prices – that the wealth effect of QE will have been negative not positive”) that brought it more broadly into the average American’s mind. QE, taxes, income disparity, and entitlements are four major means by which wealth is transferred from the poor and the middle class to the rich. The following simple chart explains it all…

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  • rich

    The Fed’s Betrayal Of The Middle Class

    Certainly most of this is not a surprise to readers and no doubt many do question the Fed’s loyalty but keep this point in mind – the Fed has done little if anything to generate economic growth over the last 5 years but they have done much to assist their owners in getting even bigger than they were before.

    That truth has led me to reconsider my views as it relates to the Fed and to the whole idea of privately owned central banks and the exorbitant privilege these banks are afforded by the fractional bank credit creation scheme. I have been led – reluctantly – to consider the possibility that the central bank/fractional reserve system is designed to enrich and empower an elite group at the top of the social strata and at the expense of the middle class.

    You see I have never – until recently – even considered the idea that the system was structured to work to the detriment of the middle class. I was educated to understand the benefits of the system and had no reason to consider any other possibility. That said, the Fed’s actions since the recession make no sense to me if the idea is that the Fed is working to stimulate the economy and benefit the middle class as they claim. It does make sense to me if the goal of the Fed is to strengthen and consolidate power in the hands of a few banks at the top.

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