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The biggest export from America?

The middle class. The tradeoff for cheap goods and financial cronyism is coming back in a big way.


There is always a tradeoff in economics. The adage about a free lunch comes to mind to the rise of low wage capitalism in America. It is a complicated web driven by financial cronyism and a system largely driven by ignoring the plight of the working class. The story of US manufacturing is probably one tiny example of how we exported our middle class in exchange for cheaper goods and a massive amount of income inequality at the top. Yet there is a winner here as well. While the US middle class is shrinking the middle classes of China and India are growing and so is our income inequality. This trend tends to grow the economies overseas bus has placed a large burden on the unskilled and working class in the US. This is possibly an inevitably given the global nature of our markets. When you get addicted to low cost goods, you may find yourself in a race to low wage capitalism. In the US and Europe people would not take on the jobs that pay near wage-slave levels and have terrible working conditions in countries that are now booming. While the top wage earners in the US are doing fantastic protected by Wall Street and Washington D.C. (many are diversified across the world), those who get paid in US dollars and come from the working and middle class are having a tough time adapting. The tradeoff has been coming home to roost in a big way.

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1 comment to The biggest export from America?

  • Z

    If you study mathematical and chemical equations then you will see that there must be a balance achieved to reach the final result… Newton: “for every action there is always an opposed and equal reaction.” III law.

    It is fitting that the article refers to motion as in the moving of jobs away from America and Newton’s law refers to a law of motion. Yes, things are moving; namely wealth…

    Someone’s profit is always someone Else’s loss, you cannot escape it.

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