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Silver Update – Silver in Scripture – Part 2

from BrotherJohnF:

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5 comments to Silver Update – Silver in Scripture – Part 2

  • Frank Zak

    Gold cycle bottom middle March.

    But, Southern California Real estate is also

    As you know I predicted in jan 2012 the bottom
    in real estate and said it would skyrocket right
    here on SGT any times.

    The same situation now exists in CA as existed
    in jan 2012. Inventory levels have hit the
    exact same low again !!!!

    Prices went up 23% YOY in So Cal. But, I expect a new
    round of increases this year, beginning later this year.
    There is a 6 month delay in Case Shiller and things might
    look flatish until then.

    Prices will not rise as fast, but will make substantial
    gains over the next few years.

    Did you know Reggie Middleton and Kiyosaki made their
    millions in real estate ? Its true.

    Even Ron Paul’s #1 pick is real estate now.

    I would hold all hard assets incl gold and silver.

    • jonathan

      I agree Frank I don’t understand why people say the housing market will crash there is so many paper bills out there and they haven’t even started spending them yet.

  • jerry

    1 shekel is 11.4 grams or .367 troy oz according to Hebrew scriptures

  • Steve

    Just when you thought BrotherJonhF videos couldn’t get any more boring.

  • The Truth

    The truth is always boring to some people. What they fail to understand in their simple minds is that no matter how much you try and disprove what is written in scripture,it always brings you right back to them. Boredom is the main reason people’s minds wonder into evil and sin(ask Eve what she was doing before being tempted). She must have been bored to be enticed and deceived!

    @ Frank I agree with you also. I believe the housing market will bottom completely between 2013 and 2016. All this money will have to go somewhere and housing will receive plenty of it. I look for another peak in housing between 2023 and 2026(for them who want to sell). But you can ride the wave until 2036 if we make it that far. The Kondratieff cycle spring should be coming around the end of this decade around 2020-2023.

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