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Silver Expert: Jeffrey Christian Proves Illegal COMEX Price Setting

by Bix Weir,

Sometimes I have to laugh at just how stupid we have become. Last week German regulators came out with SHOCKING allegations that the banks are rigging the gold markets. OH MY GOD!

But was it really a secret? After all …THEY CALL IT THE “LONDON GOLD FIX” when the big banks collude to “set” the price of gold each day.

It’s common knowledge. It’s 100% admitted to. Of course it breaks about a dozen laws but who cares, right?! And even though they do it in secret…it’s a KNOWN SECRET!

Even Wikipedia has a page on it… The London Gold Fix

Did anybody ever stop to question if it was legal to collude to exchange inside, non-public information in order to “fix” a price of anything? Of course it’s not!

But hey, see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil…when it comes to the Banksters.

And the same goes for silver. Traders exchanging secrets about trading positions and price fixing in the same room with their counterparts at other banks.

Not only that but last year Jeffrey Christian, of all people, claimed that the COMEX Silver Contract was being illegally rigged.

Here’s what I wrote about it after the last Silver Summit: Silver Expert: Jeffrey Christian Proves Illegal COMEX Price Setting

Christian’s assertion was that the wild swings in the price of silver were not being caused by rogue market riggers but by multiple computer algorithms and High Frequency Trading programs firing at the same time in the COMEX silver exchange based on the same program triggers. Christian claims that the simultaneous nature of these trades spring from all trading houses using the same algorithms they learned in the same colleges. Trading volumes on the COMEX supports this assertion as the COMEX Silver contract “Average Daily Volume” was 55,020 contracts in 2013 or 275M equivalent ounces of silver per day. This puts the total COMEX silver volume at 69B equivalent ounces of silver derivatives in 2013 which is 1,437x the amount of Registered Physical Silver in the COMEX inventories(48M oz).”

Unfortunately for Christian and the CME, what he describes is an artificial price setting mechanism for silver in an exchange that is specifically regulated such that it does not “set” silver prices but rather is a “price discovery” exchange. What Christian describes is ILLEGAL and the CME Group who owns the COMEX should immediately shut down all HFT’s and computer trading programs stopping this continued distortion of silver prices.

You see, there is really no hidden conspiracy of price rigging in the gold and silver markets…


On Thursday I will be posting my Timeline article for Private Road Members which will give you those “Road Signs” to the End we are all desperately looking for.

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May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

~ Bix Weir

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  • SlvrizgoldPm

    Damn I don’t know why but every time I look at that creep I think to myself “child molester.” Something reptilian about him. And I bet you a 10 oz silver bar he’s not “Christian.”

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