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Scientist exposes flu shots lies and doom-and-gloom media propaganda

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

The mainstream media has utterly abandoned science in the push for more flu shot propaganda, entirely failing to mention any of the risks associated with vaccines. According to nearly every story published in the mainstream media, flu shot vaccines offer almost certain protection against the flu while carrying absolute zero risk (risk is never mentioned).

Such a position is utterly anti-scientific. All medical interventions carry inherent risk, and this is especially so when vaccines admittedly contain mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and aluminum, all potent neurotoxic chemicals or heavy metals.

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  • Z

    I have had the same physician for many years and they know that I do not get flu shots. Yet every time I go for a check-up or a visit they ask me if I want a flu shot. So I asked the Dr. “why do you keep asking me if I want the shot when you know that I don’t?”… She put her finger to her lips and mouthed “they listen” and then said: “I am required to ask you that as a part of the rules here at the HMO.”

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