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Rep. Cleaver: Failure to Extend Unemployment Benefits Is ‘Vulgar’

by Melanie Hunter CNSnews:

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) said Monday that the Republicans’ failure to extend long-term unemployment benefits to Americans is “vulgar.”

“Unfortunately, we have a lot of people in elective office who are not willing to help those who are in trouble, and the recovery has been good for Wall Street. One percent of the American people has benefited or had 95 percent of the recovery [and] 95 percent of the public has had no recovery at all. This is absolutely necessary, and the failure to do so I think is vulgar,” Cleaver said on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation”.

The Senate on Tuesday voted to extend jobless benefits to the unemployed, and the measure goes to the House for consideration.

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2 comments to Rep. Cleaver: Failure to Extend Unemployment Benefits Is ‘Vulgar’

  • Leave it to Cleaver. I have multiple friends and relatives for that matter who are on this extended/extended coverage. When I ask them how the job thing is going most say poor or are not looking at all. why? They say they make more money by not having a job because the ones they find make less than extended/extended benies.
    I lost my real job in 09 collected no bennies and was out a year. finally landed something for 30% of what I used to make. Another year goes by and I finally get my original career job back and if that did not work out I was starting my own business.
    Enablement creates more enablement. Go back to the 90 day coverage, pull away the security blanket and people will be forced to go out and create income in some way shape or form.

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