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Poor Chicago Blacks to Obama: “Just Quit”

from Western Journalism:

Shortly after Tuesday night’s State of the Union address by the President, some Black Chicago Activists were asked their perspective and feedback on what Obama had to say. “Mr. President, we’d probably be better off if you called off your presidency off right now. Just quit. Because if this is what you call helping us, then stop helping us.”

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9 comments to Poor Chicago Blacks to Obama: “Just Quit”

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Please, Mr. President! Help us! Help us! But first help OUR community (because we’re special). Please Mr. President! Help us by creating more money to spend on US. Please Mr President, create some industries that will employ US. Please Mr President, use your pen. You’re the smartest guy in the whole wide world so rule by Executive (tyranny) order but make sure you rule us by taking your constitutional oath into consideration first.
    Wow, what a mob of wanna haves. Their “community” isn’t being singled out, here. They said what they said but there are plenty other “communities” demanding the same thing, world over too.
    They demand politicians to abide by their constitutional obligations whilst completely ignoring their own.
    The greatest insight that was delivered by one man was that this President was a “Symbolic” one. How true and apt. This guy is an empty suit and a sop to the “black community”. All the other presidents from Wilson on up, were symbolic as well; a sop to the rest of us, a symbolic shadow of the leader of the “Free World”. Through Wilson’s tyranny, we are all slaves now, working for the banks as supported by our so called “Constitutional Representatives”.
    What a sick joke.

  • Rodster

    This is a Govt for the Losers and by the Losers. This is why Thomas Jefferson was so opposed to central banking and central planning because when you instill central planning into a govt it becomes a monster and continues to grow because the people who put them in power have been turned into a group with NO hope.

    That’s why it doesn’t matter if it’s a republican or democrat in office. They all cater to the same subset and lowest common denominator of the population.

  • Hoser

    Oh, Oh, the Pot is finally calling the Kettle Black. BRILLIANT

  • Michael

    To the Blacktavist: you voted him in; you deserve him. You know what I’m sayin.

  • Suzanne

    It took them that long to figure this stuff out?
    Pastor Manning called it long before he got elected to the senate.

  • Mary Gentles

    What is WRONG with Sergio? Why would anybody who sees everything that’s wrong with not just this administration, but so many before it, attack people who see it the same way? Geez, no wonder we’re getting nowhere. Let’s tear each other to shreds and let the feds have the carcasses. Of course everybody sees life through their own eyes. Of course they see the problems from their own point of view. BUT THEY SEE THEM. I’m encouraged to know that this particular administration has made many people wake up to the decadence and lies of government. Government is force. Therefore government should be as small as serves the actual needs of the country and should be kept as far from our daily lives as possible. The federal government is charged with only a handful of authorities by the Constitution, but it has always used ‘our good’ to steal more and more power over us.

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