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Political Correctness Out of Control

by Jim Emerson, Western Journalism:

The physical demands of combat positions make for jobs that only a few men and even fewer woman are capable of performing. In a headlong rush to satisfy the utopian stupidity of political correctness, the Washington establishment’s insistence that women be allowed in combat positions will only emasculate the military that protected this country since its founding.

This week, the Marine Corps announced that fewer than half of female recruits were capable of meeting the minimum standards required for combat jobs. These requirements are the same for males and females in basic training. In an effort to conform to political correctness, the Marine Corps delayed implementation of the minimum requirements for women, fearing that they might lose female recruits and those already serving who cannot meet standards. These standards just happen to apply to men as well, some of whom are also not fit for infantry training.

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2 comments to Political Correctness Out of Control

  • MoFo

    The Corps is not what it used to be…ACCEPTANCE has over taken STANDARDS. They have done a fine job “hiding” the REAL fighting force.

  • solar toad

    There’s more to this than a feminist agenda. The Military was hurting for recruits and qualified people during heights of the invasions. They didn’t have enough people and over half the people that were trying to sign up were unqualified due to education or physical abilities…so the U.S. military HAD to lower standards because guys were doing 2 and 3 “tours” back to back because of not enough people. They lowered standards all around.
    Instead of talking about feminization of men maybe we need to focus on protecting the American people instead of protecting the power structure and wealth of a few people. Americans are in more danger today, not because of what this article implies but because of the illegal invasions based on lies…has nothing to do with women. Sorry if I ruffle feathers. It is NOT emasculation to be on the Anti-war side. Just watched LONE SURVIVOR about the failed Seals mission in Afghanistan called Operations Red Wing. To put it bluntly, they shouldn’t have been there. I noticed that the movie tried to make excuses about…For example, they have to make the decision on what to do with the 3 goat herders that inadvertently discover their hiding and viewing spot up in the rocky terrain above the camp of the Taliban guy they are sent to kill. A couple of the Americans wanted to kill them to ensure they would not go back and tell the Taliban. But, one of says something like “But I don’t want us to be on CNN that we murdered in cold blood a young herder and old man”… According to the movie they let them go…which ensured the entire Taliban unit in the area surrounding them. Some might say CNN helps emasculate the troops (which was the intended insinuation…imho). We need to move on from this attitude. This just obscures the reasons why we should not be over there. We don’t have to be murdering thugs in other nations to prove our manhood, and that only serves the elites anyway. The article does not state these women are going to be put on front lines. They won’t. It’s not really a good article cuz it leaves out so much and seems to want to just complain and pin blame.

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