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Peter Schiff on the Joe Rogan Experience

from Peter Schiff:

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2 comments to Peter Schiff on the Joe Rogan Experience

  • Schiff is full of Schiff ! Oil companies are not making money ? BULL SCHIFF ! The ” Oil Industry ” is making RECORD PROFITS and at the same time not paying any taxes , while getting Tax credit worth BILLIONS from tax payers who are getting creamed ! Yeap , lets TRUST CORPORATE AMERICA , they will not screw us ! Bush 43 did the same thing ( Let the Free Market Prevail , It will regulate itself ” Boy did we fall for that one !

    The Same Tribe own and operate the World’s banking system ( IMF , International Settlement Bank , World Bank , F. E. D. , All Banks too Big to JAIL , DHS , MSM , Hollywood , Majority of U. S. Security Departments .

    Maybe Schiff should look at the ” Tribe ” that is bring about America’s destruction !
    Quote one of the ” Tribe’s ” spokesman , Maurice Samuel , ” We are …. are the Destroyers . We will always be the Destroyers , no matter what you do ! “

  • dslarsen

    Think about the Monsanto thing; if their pollen pollutes your field, they sue YOU! And they WIN!

    The fact that they are well-enough connected to create laws that allow “agricultural aggression” and aim to create a hegemony over all living things should be enough to ban that particular financial application of their technology.

    I’m sure there are many valid applications for this kind of technology, but without a moral basis, it can be as destructive as unbridled nuclear power.

    I just dread a world a dozen or a hundred or a thousand years from now overrun with patented animals and plants and humanoid slaves and cyborgs.

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