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Obamacare SLAMS the Middle Class & Small Company Employees

It’s not gonna get better, it’s just gonna get worse.

from Western Journalism:

The 41 employees at Extreme Dodge in Jackson, Michigan are experiencing their own version of sticker-shock, but it’s not from the price tags of the new cars in their showroom. Their group insurance plan of 35 years has been cancelled and replaced with a new Obamacare policy that is anything but affordable.

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2 comments to Obamacare SLAMS the Middle Class & Small Company Employees

  • Daniel

    Well, truth be told, I’m sorry for these guys if they didn’t vote for O’Idiot. But if they did vote for O’Sucko…..tough noogies (and I’m being ultra nice here). Sucks to be you. You reap what you sow. Truth hurts….yawn. There’s millions like you clowns that voted for this absolute clown without portfolio. How do you like this “Messiah” now?

  • Ed_B

    This is the point where the American people stand up on their hind legs and say, “Obama Care sucks and we’re NOT doing it!”. And mean it. What are they gonna do? Arrest us all? Fine us all? Well, go right ahead. That will be the perfect way to create a massive new anti-BS voting block… and for a lot of those currently in office to get introduced to working for a living.

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