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Obama Super PAC Morphs Into Hillary Super PAC

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Buffy Wicks, a senior Democrat operative at the pro-war Center for American Progress run by Clintonista John Podesta, is gearing up to run the Iron Maiden as president in 2016.

From CNN:

The main super PAC that supported President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election is scheduled to announce new hires Friday, as the group works towards transforming itself into a key super PAC for a possible Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign.

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3 comments to Obama Super PAC Morphs Into Hillary Super PAC

  • bill

    ha, ha the usa laughing stock of the world! This bi-sexual Bengazi incompetent will tarnish whatever is left of any respect for America…only in America!, right? Thank goodness!

  • Hoser

    From a FAG to a Dyke! My, how the mighty have fallen….

  • monica

    seriously sickened at the thought of yet another four years of base level politics where my hard earned $$ (yes i am a fortunate one WITH a job)pays for everything but what promotes peace, prosperity and freedom within this country.i am telling the Bengazi tale to anyone who brings up this woman as a potential president. no doubt, she smoked the cigar after bill and monica were done with it. it was a set up she probably had part in so that she could garner the sympathies of women around the world who would see her as “so strong”, “committed” when the reality is she is a seething political opportunist, hitched to a man who, as they played in the same cesspool, would do nicely to advance her plan of aquiring power. no shame or honor in any of them.

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