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NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone | “NFL’s Bad Call”

from NRA:

One commercial you won’t see during the 2014 Super Bowl is an ad by gun manufacturer Daniel Defense. The spot, about a Marine Corps veteran who returns home and is determined to defend his home and family the same way he defended his country, was rejected by the NFL. Marty Daniel, president and chief executive officer of Daniel Defense, throws down the challenge flag.

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1 comment to NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone | “NFL’s Bad Call”

  • Ed_B

    It would be difficult to find a more obvious example of media bias than the NFL allowing that lefto-communist Bloomberg to talk about his anti-gun agenda while then refusing to air an ad that is tastefully done and promotes the self-defense rights of all Americans. This is the kind of crap that MUST be rejected by millions of Americans and with sufficient intensity to actually penetrate the thick skulls of those who think that this kind double standard will be allowed to stand. It is more than telling that no one is stepping forward to accept blame for this boneheaded decision. They KNOW that they are wrong and they are hiding behind the NFL and Fox, rather than stepping forward and explaining their position like men. This is why the alternative media on the Internet is taking market share and becoming THE news source for millions of our fellow citizens, rather than the usual leftist glop shoveled by the so-called “Main Stream Media”. There is nothing whatever “mainstream” about this. It is communism, pure and simple.

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