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NDAA & NSA: WHY We MUST Stand Up to Tyranny — Dan Johnson, Founder of PANDA

from SGT

Join us as we visit with Dan Johnson, the 20-year old Founder of PANDA – People Against the NDAA (and indefinite detention of American citizens) and discuss WHY we must fight and defeat tyranny in all its forms. You can make a difference, we all can – Find out how at, and here’s a shortcut to get the Action Kit so you can stand up to the NDAA in your own city and state.

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10 comments to NDAA & NSA: WHY We MUST Stand Up to Tyranny — Dan Johnson, Founder of PANDA

  • Tom G.

    That was an EXTREMELY POWERFUL interview. I can’t think of an interview that you guys have had that cut to the core like that one. I am so glad I took the time to listen to the whole thing.

    Dan is right that if the US goes down, then everything involving freedom in other countries will go down also. And Rory, the point you made at the end about the entities that hate us because we love freedom was also spot on. I thought the quote you put in Sean was excellent and I never get tired of hearing it.

    Guys, that was simply an awesome interview, and I learned so much, especially the difference between nullification and interposition.

    It was so nice to hear someone who knew fully what they were talking about instead of speculating (like the economic/metals experts do,for example).

    Well done by all involved, and you’ll have to have Dan back soon. Thank you.

  • Jeff

    Wow. Here’s another fine example of why TPTB don’t want us homeschooling our kids. E. Johnson is another. Imagine the leadership this young man provide for his generation. Echoing Tom G. above, I don’t think I’ve heard a more powerful interview from you guy here at SGT. Do what you can to make this go viral and I’ll do the same. Thank you for this.


    DAN…..OUTSTANDING!!!! Thx boyz!

  • Very impressive. He’s going to be a poster boy for home-schooling for sure. I’d like to meet his parents. Well done.

  • JMAC#2

    Hey SGT & Gang,
    Been on & listening to the site for a couple years now(daily read), first time posting comment. I believe this young man is truly a gift from GOD. I just run the gamut of emotions on this interview. My emotions were so strong, I just about pissed my pants! I’m with U guys, these things that are happening can’t go on much longer, something’s got to give. GOD BLESS EVERYONE, JMAC

  • Praxis

    Powerful! That drew a tear.
    That man’s articulation is the size of a planet.

    And yet, still, I will find someone to show this and receive a snide remark in return.
    When that is no longer, I will have succeeded in the small way necessary to accomplish this monumental and fundamental goal.

    There are no alternatives.

    I’m not surprised by how silent you and Rory were. It blew me away too.

  • freedom fighter

    “Prosecutors say 72 police officers, eight firefighters and five corrections officers are among those charged with disability fraud”

    Dozens of US former emergency service workers have been arrested in a sweeping fraud investigation involving federal disability benefits, New York authorities say. …


    • Ed_B

      I don’t know about you, FF, but I am absolutely stunned that the do-nothing Just US dept. of Eric Holder did not immediately sweep this entire matter under the rug. Of course, they can always bring charges and muff the trials so these guys go free. That would not surprise me one bit. After Operation Fast and Furious, NOTHING that this so-called Justice Dept. does surprises me.

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