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Movement is Life-Catherine Austin Fitts

from USA Watchdog:

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts knows the economy is bad, but not all bad. She says, “There are many aspects of the economy where the fundamentals are dreadful, and there are certainly parts of the economy collapsing in an evolving implosion.”

Fitts contends capital has shifted out of the old system and into a new system that is high tech and rapidly evolving. Fitts explains, “One of the things that is keeping the slow burn going is that money flowing into the new system is being reinvested, and those parts of the economy are not only growing but growing strongly. . . . . You need to see the fact that we have a global 2.0, which is essentially bankrupt; and we have a global 3.0, which is rich with resources and growing dramatically. . . . The reinvestment in global 3.0 is now accelerating at rapid speeds, and I think it is going surprise everybody of how dramatic the changes are going to be.” Fitts says you can sum up what to do with a line from last year’s Brad Pitt movie about zombies. Fitts says, “Movement is life. It is unbelievable in importance that we all be prepared to shift. When you have this very deep and dramatic shift in technology and investment flows that ripple through all aspects of our lives. . . . So, the guys that are going to be the winners are the guys that can get the high learning speeds.”

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