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Mauldin – Humanity Will Be Radically Transformed In 2014

from KingWorldNews:

There are several trends that we have to keep in mind as we go forward. First is what I call ‘The Transformation Revolution.’ What I mean by that is that industries and technologies are changing so rapidly that they are transforming our society even as we speak.

It is capital as human capital that is the important thing. We’re living longer, and we’re living smarter. And it’s that human capital that figures out how to get what’s been around us for 10,000 years. We just haven’t had the knowledge, we haven’t had the information to be able to use it.

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1 comment to Mauldin – Humanity Will Be Radically Transformed In 2014

  • 8Ball

    Here’s my take on when “Humanity Will Be Radically Transformed”.

    It will happen when people quit believing and tolerating the SOS that: The people who created all of the present problems are the ones that are somehow going fix them… And when people quit allowing them to continually return to positions of power over them to keep repeating the process.

    Otherwise we will all remain trapped in the same locked feedback loop that the human race appears to have a vague awareness of and little or no will to break.

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