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Libertarian Civics Lesson #438

by Tibor Machan, The Daily Bell:

It is customary, sadly, for critics of a viewpoint to distort it, caricature it, besmirch it and the like – or at least to mention only aspects of it that could turn out to be untoward some human interests. So, of course, with libertarianism, which is the most radical, novel political idea around – in contrast to the relentlessly statist ideas and practices that have dominated human political history.

You will hear that libertarians are crass individualists, mindless egotists, anti-social, atomistic and the like. And while one can find one or two such people among those calling themselves libertarian, the charge is largely bogus. Every viewpoint has its least palatable versions and some will go the distance of affirming it, if only out of frustration and spite. (Professor Walter Block, an economist at Loyola University of New Orleans, did this with his book, Defending the Undefendable [1976] in which, for example, he championed littering on public roads as a kind of civil disobedience!)

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