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KOTLIKOFF Wants YOU To Pay Carbon Taxes [Part 2]

from SGT

This is Part 2 of my interview with Boston University Professor of Economics Laurence Kotlikoff. To my surprise Professor Kotlikoff has bought the globalist propaganda on ‘climate change’ hook, line and sinker. And despite being brought on the show to discuss our national debt situation and the economy, Kotlikoff kept bringing up ‘climate change’.

And for some crazy reason, he actually believes that paying carbon taxes to the same globalists who have screwed humanity, can “fix” climate problems. I take him on.

For the record, I don’t think Laurence Kotlikoff is a terrible person, I just think he’s woefully ill-informed about the causes of ‘climate change’ and the notion that paying ‘carbon taxes’ to international banking criminals can somehow magically fix ANYTHING. I think he’s been duped by the same establishment for which he has worked as a Professor for so many years. Thanks for tuning in.

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25 comments to KOTLIKOFF Wants YOU To Pay Carbon Taxes [Part 2]

  • richard fernandez

    Excellent response to a mediocre guest . Kotlikoff gets one thing right , but so many other things wrong .Kudos to you Sean for standing your ground against an elitist academician from an elitist city that has accepted the indoctrination completely .

    Global Warming is a farce , yet TPTB still push the agenda . Why not invite Al Gore to re-visit The Inconvenient Truth today .

    • SGT

      Thanks Richard & GOB, I would have preferred to know he wanted to “discuss” this stuff before he came on b/c then I would have been in the mindset for a debate, but it is what it is. I was trying to be a cordial host, and in hindsight perhaps too cordial. He’s wrong and I made that clear. But it’s a learning lesson for next time.

  • Good Ole Boy

    Good job Sean at standing your ground but not alienating the guest. I a lot of us are so passionate and grounded in these issues we tend to push those with different views a little to hard on certian subjects.

    My point is that if you look through history the most dangerous periods of climate change were cooling periods. Climate changers make statements like the weather is getting wilder which isn’t true. It would make sense that the sun effects global tempetures more than anything making some changes inevitable. A more realistic problem that should be discussed instead of climate change is ecologic destruction. All the plastics that end up in the ocean and other types of pollution that contaminate environments. Or how about developing new sources of fresh water and new irrigation systems.

    The biggest issue is removing the economic stranglehold of the Fed and their dollar system. That and the release of technologies that have been classified by our government and the Pentagon. They want us to pay them more money when they have technology that could remove our reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Jeff

    Kotlikoff is an arrogant prick that should be ignored completely like all the other ivory tower do-nothings. Ever listen to the interview that he did with Kerry Lutz last year. Kept steering the discussion towards whatever his bent was of the day. I’m sorry he wasted your incredibly valuable time SGT but I won’t let him waste mine. No thanks!

  • aa

    Kotlikoff is typical of what the institutions of “higher learning” produce. My sister and brother in law(both with college degrees), believe the solution to the deficit requires higher taxes. Their son has 3 masters degrees but has always worked at low paying jobs completely unrelated to any of his degrees. Of course all three are rabid Obama supporters.

  • Johny Comelately

    Cap and trade is a proven economic model and really does reduce emissions. Given that Kotlikoff is a Dr. of Economics, this shouldn’t surprize us. The problem isn’t with cap and trade. The problem is who benefits from trading the carbon taxes? The other question one must ask is if carbon dioxide is responsible for climate change? People who study infra red say that Co2 has virtually no greenhouse effect at the altitude it is found in the atmosphere. water vapors and sun cycles likely are the culprit.

    I believe we must change our ways. I mean those poor Chinese are suffocating in Beijing. Industry also needs to clean up in general. I just have a problem with capping and trading the wrong pollutant and that a group of people benefit from the taxes and dictate what we can and can’t do.

  • Phil Downunder

    Hey Sean,

    Kotlikoff droned on about Boston being submerged under metres of water. Give me a break.

    Our recently kicked out, leftist/Labor Prime Minister, JuLIAR Gillard doesn’t seem to share Kotlikoff’s concerns about “Carbon Pollution”, “CLIEmate Change” or rising sea levels.

    She’s just bought a $1.8million beachside mansion in Adelaide, Australia.(80 metres from the ocean)

    This is the same woman who stared Australia in the face and said, ‘THERE WILL BE NO CARBON TAX UNDER THE GOVERNMENT I LEAD”.

    This LIE won her the election then she promptly introduced a CARBON TAX.

    (incidentally, she(JuLIAR Gillard)is currently under Police investigation for corruption during her Union Lawyer days a decade and a half ago) Go figure!!

    Kotlikoff sounds sincere, but don’t they all when they’re telling us how much they care for us and only want the best for us…Cough, cough..gag…and that their policies are only intended for our own good,(cough, cough.gag.)

    Good grief!!!

    • SGT

      He’s nuts if he thinks sea levels will rise 28 feet. Too much Al Gore Kool-Aid. The IPCC got caught manipulating the data to their own ends, Kotlikoff should know this which is why I mentioned Lord Monckton. If Kotlikoff doesn’t know it, then he’s being willfully ignorant about the IPCC’s fraud and he’s been manipulated by their version of “science”.

      • Phil Downunder

        What will it take to wake these types of people up? Perhaps a “blinding flash of the obvious”, like an economic or monetary collapse???

        Then how much do you think these cretins will be worried about paying carbon taxes?

      • jeff

        Can you tell me were to read the falsified IPCC research and data? I would like to read that. Thanks

    • Johny Comelately

      We shouldn’t be so hard on Prof. Kotlitkoff. He is indoctrinated. Ten years ago I would have agreed 100% with what he was saying. I even believed that global warming would cause melting sea ice to raise ocean levels. then One day I left out a full to the brim glass of water with lots of ice cubes on the table. Lo and behold, the glass didn’t overflow after the ice melted! I read the other day that there is mineralized water under the earth’s crust. When there are plate shifts, the friction can melt the minerals and release more water into the ocean. This explanation makes more sense to me as to why sea levels have risen slightly…

      Indoctrination aside, we really should be grateful for the work Prof. Kotlitkoff is doing and not make fun of him making conclusions based on false correlations regarding subjects he’s not an expert on. The inform act is a huge undertaking and he is bringing an important issue that needs addressing to the forefront. I’m Canadian, so I can’t do much. But Americans should demand their congressmen get behind this bill.


    How about BUY NO CARS, drive less, fuck it. Stay home for a week. Let the system crash and burn.? Do it now. Everyone…..stay home fore the next WEEK. See how the markets do. NOTHING. Sliver/Gold? NOTHING. Lets Take this on for a week….two…NOTHING. Until when? It’s fucking helpless. They spin the news and banks. When all else has failed,you will be FAR the last one to know. Sick of this SHIT.

  • Dissolution

    Laurence, you referenced strange weather patterns, such as Hurricane Sandy. I suggest you get caught up on some things via this video:

  • scfulcher

    Now we understand more deeply why a college education has little value. The answer is always to TAX, penalize, create division, name-call with the underlying assumption that more government is good and trustworthy! And they always support their opinions with Nobel prize winners (like Obama), and their lists of self-aggrandizing peers.

  • glitter 1

    An economics professor from Boston University or any Major University for that matter,is/are “died in the wool” Keynesian(s),which is nothing less than economic theory that is a lie devised by a Socialist/Communist specifically for use within a forthcoming Socialist/Totalitarian World Government.As long as the Federal Government guarantees/subsidises student loans and grants to continue the support of this drivel,there will be no reversal/improvement.Those with eyes to see and ears to hear shouldn’t expect different.This guy is a product of the system,he will continue to sell the party line for his daily bread.

  • Jeff

    Dutchsince? That’s funny,

  • mike

    I thought currently we are around 400 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere. At 1200 ppm, 3 times more carbon than now, amazingly PLANTS grow twice as fast. I have never understood the neotreehuggers when they are clearly against large healthy trees? The cap and trade is pure BS to allow for more regulation and control period. The earth has been completely covered in ICE so how could it have possibly melted? We obviously owe our current environment to billions of ancient abominable snowmen driving Humvees.

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