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King: Rand Paul Creating NSA ‘Hysteria’

from WashingtonFreeBeacon:

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4 comments to King: Rand Paul Creating NSA ‘Hysteria’

  • B.M.

    King is such a NWO bought and paid for stooge it’s disgusting. Makes me wonder just how much dirt the NSA/CIA/FBI actually have on this guy that he’s willing to make painfully obvious arguments FOR the NSA’s spying.

    He must have a closet so full of skeletons he had to rent out a storage garage. He’s a true scumbag.

  • jerry

    Its funny how each and every one of these shills come on the scene for awhile spewing there disgusting propaganda and then pass the torch on to someone else. Kings the latest of the mocking bird media blitz he wont last long before he slithers back under his rock.

  • jerry

    prevented attack they created …doesn’t go there , and how about the fact that our government created the very terrorist they are supposedly protecting us from . Never a real debate and never able to argue a vast majority of the main issues because its all done with secrecy, which is the oxymoron in the 1st place

  • jerry

    watch this clip recently posted by SGT and you tell me whos creating the hysteria

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